Sanda Min Hla Mwei It (Burmese: စန္ဒာမင်းလှ မွေ့အစ်, pronounced [sàɴdà mɪ́ɴ l̥a̰ mwḛ ʔɪʔ]; c. 1340s–c. 1365) was a principal queen consort of King Binnya U of Martaban–Hanthawaddy. She may have been Binnya U's first chief queen consort.

Sanda Min Hla II
စန္ဒာမင်းလှ မွေ့အစ်
Chief Queen of Martaban
Tenure1348 – c. 1365
PredecessorSanda Min Hla
SuccessorHnin An Daung?
Bornc. 1330s
Martaban (Mottama)?
Martaban Kingdom
Diedc. 1365
Martaban Kingdom
SpouseBinnya U (1348–c. 1365)
ReligionTheravada Buddhism


Born Mwei It, the future queen was the eldest daughter of Minister Than-Bon of the Martaban court. She and her two younger sisters Mwei Kaw and Mwei Zeik became queens of Binnya U soon after his accession.[1] Their youngest sister Mwei Daw later became a wife of Binnya U about five years later.[2] She may have been the king's first chief queen consort.[note 1]

The queen did not have any issue. She raised her nephew Ma Nyi Kan-Kaung (son of Mwei Daw and Min Linka) as her own son. She died in Donwun in the mid 1360s a few years after Binnya U had been driven out of Martaban by the rebel forces led by Byattaba. Her request to Binnya U on her death bed was not to harm Nyi Kan-Kaung; she died soon after the king agreed to her wish.[3] The king kept his promise. In the early 1370s, the king appointed Nyi Kan-Kaung, who was also his nephew, governor of Dala–Twante.[4]


  1. ^ The Razadarit Ayedawbon chronicle does not explicitly state the chief queen consort of Binnya U. However, based on the chronicle's ordering of queens and their issue (Pan Hla 2005: 47), and her title Sanda Min Hla which was last worn by Queen Sanda Min Hla, the chief queen of three Martaban kings, she was likely the first chief queen.


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Mwei It
Born: c. 1330s Died: c. 1365
Royal titles
Preceded by Chief Queen of Martaban
1348 – c. 1365
Succeeded by