Musique de l'Artillerie

The Musique de l’Artillerie (English: Artillery Band) sometimes referred to informally as the Music of 9-9 or M-ART is a military band of French Army falls under the Sud-Est territorial region. It consists of 50 musicians, who perform at official protocol ceremonies as well as public relations events for the Army.

The band during a Bastille Day rehearsal ceremony.

It performs throughout the south-eastern quarter of France participates in national events and events abroad, particularly numerous international festivals.[1] It is located in the Gerland District of Lyon and is currently led by Chief Musician Jean-Claude Leberruyer while being assisted by the Drum Major, Chief Warrant Officer Jean-Michel Gatta.

The band performs in different formations:[2]

The small ensembles also organize gala evenings and concerts for the benefit of civil and military authorities.

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The band has roots that date back to 1759.[3]

  • Band of GMR5 (Grouping of Regional Means No. 5)
  • Band of the CMD (Circonscription Militaire de Défense)
  • Band of the 22nd Infantry Regiment
  • Band of the 22nd Infantry Battalion
  • Band of the Army Sud-Est Region
  • Infantry Band (?-1 August 2016)
  • Artillery Band (1 August 2016-Present)

When it took its current name, it then was integrated into the Army Music Command.[4]

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