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French Republican Guard Band

The French Republican Guard Band (French: Orchestre de la Garde républicaine) is a Military band unit of the French Republican Guard. The band is composed of 120 professional musicians from senior national conservatories.[1] It is a part of the National Gendarmerie. As the senior band and field music unit of the French Armed Forces, it is aimed towards active participation as the musical accompaniment in all national events.

French Republican Guard Band
Orchestre de la Garde républicaine
Ecusson Orchestre Garde Republicaine.png
Country France
BranchBlason paris 75.svg French Republican Guard
Part of
Colonel François Boulanger


The Concert Band

The band was founded in 1848 by Jean-Georges Paulus. Its official debut dates back to 1852, when a concert was organized in honor of Jean Paulus, its founder and the first leader of the band.[2] The band made its first international performance in 1871, when it traveled to the United States. Since then, the musicians of the band have made numerous tours all over the world.[3] In 1993, the band was given its current name, and was transferred to the Republican Guard.[4] Since March 1, 1997, the band has been under the command of Colonel François Boulanger with Lieutenant-Colonel Sébastien Billiard as his deputy.[5]


The mounted band.
  • Infantry Band of the Republican Guard
  • Fanfare band Section
    • Fanfare Band 1
    • Fanfare Band 2
  • Mounted Fanfare Band
  • Concert Band (80 musicians)
  • String Orchestra (40 musicians), likely to be presented in configurations of 24 or 12 bows, or in string quartets
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • String Quartet
  • Napoleonic Drumline
  • Hunting Horn Platoon


The concert band and string orchestra perform either separately or as a combined ensemble during state dinners, festivals, or government organized concerts with the French Army Choir, sometimes the role is played upon the symphony orchestra and the Fanfare Bands.[6] The Infantry Band and Fanfare Bands also perform during the annual Bastille Day military parade in Paris.

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The band performing the Chant du Départ.

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