Muckle Green Holm

Muckle Green Holm is an uninhabited island in the North Isles of the Orkney archipelago in Scotland. It is roughly 28 hectares (0.11 sq mi) in extent and rises to 28 metres (92 ft) above sea level, the summit having a trig point. The literal meaning of the name is somewhat contradictory. 'Holm' is from the Old Norse holmr, meaning a small and rounded islet.[4] 'Muckle' is Scots for 'big' or 'large' so it's a big small island. To the south lies Little Green Holm, and between the two is the Sound of Green Holms. Eastward is a strait called Fall of Warness between Muckle Green Holm and the much larger island of Eday. In these waters the European Marine Energy Centre have installed tidal power testing equipment.[5]

Muckle Green Holm
Gaelic nameUnknown
Norse nameHellisey
Meaning of nameMixture of English and Old Norse meaning 'large green small round island'.
Muckle Green Holm seen from the north-west
Muckle Green Holm seen from the north-west
Muckle Green Holm is located in Orkney Islands
Muckle Green Holm
Muckle Green Holm
Muckle Green Holm shown within Orkney
OS grid referenceHY525272
Coordinates59°08′N 2°50′W / 59.13°N 2.83°W / 59.13; -2.83
Physical geography
Island groupOrkney
Area28 hectares (0.11 sq mi)[1]
Highest elevation28 m
Sovereign stateUnited Kingdom
Council areaOrkney Islands

Muckle Green Holm has a great cormorant colony and a population of European otters.[2]

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Coordinates: 59°7′48″N 2°49′44″W / 59.13000°N 2.82889°W / 59.13000; -2.82889

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