Mr Gay World

Mr Gay World is a registered and trademarked annual international competition for gay men.

Mister Gay World / Mr Gay World
TypeBeauty pageant
HeadquartersSouth Africa (Current) Gay World Events (PTY) Ltd
  • Worldwide
Official language
Eric Butter
Key people
Johann van Niekerk; John–Louis O'Neil; Dr Igor Scheurkogel and Jacques du Toit

The reigning Mr Gay World are Leonard Kodie Macayan from the Philippines[1][2] and Joel Rey Carcasona from Philippines.[3] The 2021 Edition marks the first time in history in the pageant that the two Mr Gay World will reign at the same time.[4]


Before there was Mr Gay World, there was IMG Mr Gay International. Brian Merriman (owner of Mr Gay Ireland) and Tore Aasheim (co-owner of Mr Gay Europe) attended the competition with the European delegation. Merriman and Aasheim decided to create their own international competition.[citation needed]

Brian Merriman invited Tore Aasheim, Morten Ruda (owner of Mr Gay Norway and co-owner of Mr Gay Europe) and Dean Nelson (owner of Mr Gay Canada) to Dublin, Ireland to plan a brand new international competition. They invited Eric Butter (who is the current President and co-founder of Mr Gay World and Noemi Alberto (owner of Mr Gay Philippines) to what was to become Mr Gay World.

Merriman and Ruda bowed out due to other commitments, and the ownership was divided equally between Aasheim, Nelson and Butter. Both Merriman and Ruda stayed involved in the competition as Directors responsible for finding delegates in Europe and Africa to attend the competitions.[citation needed]

After a while Nelson left the competition and left his shares of Mr Gay World to Eric Butter, and later Eric Butter and Tore Aasheim exchanged their shares in Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World respectively, making Eric Butter the President and co-founder of Mr Gay World and Tore Aasheim the sole owner of Mr Gay Europe.[citation needed]

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The event explicitly seeks to highlight discrimination against LGBTI people and provide select positive role models. A number of contestants from a number of countries has faced sanctions for their selection or competition, including Nolan Lewis from India,[5][6] Taurai Zhanje from Zimbabwe, Robel Hailu from Ethiopia, former Olympian Chavdar Arsov from Bulgaria, Wendelinus Hamutenya from Namibia and Xiao Dai from China.[7][8]

Mr Gay World is defined as an annual contest for gay men, seeking to establish ambassadors for LGBTQIA+ and human rights, with winners of national contests competing as delegates in a variety of categories. Mr Gay World not a beauty contest and there is no age limit. In an all-inclusive move, Mr Gay World has amended its policy to encompass the male-identifying spectrum within the LGBTQ+ community,” said the organisation in a statement on Tuesday, June 15, 2021*. [9]


In 2014, Mr Gay New Zealand, Mr Gay Australia and a sponsoring skincare company all pulled out of the competition claiming 'bullying, poor living conditions, and inappropriate pressure to hook up with other contestants'. Mr Gay World replied claiming that the two contestants had been removed for alcohol abuse and rule breaking.[10]

In 2015, the winner of the competition, Mr Gay Germany Klaus Burkart, stepped down seven months later citing “personal changes,” and was replaced by Mr Gay Hong Kong.[10]

In 2016, Australia's delegate Patrick MacDonald voluntarily withdrew from the competition. Australia did not send another competitor to replace him.[11][12]

In 2018, Mr Gay World announced that the 2019 competition will move to South Africa from Hong Kong due to prohibition from local authorities.[13]

In November 2021, Mr. Gay World South Africa 2021 Louw Breytenbach resigned, the title was given to South African Runner-up Bonginkosi Ndima, who then resigned in March 2022,[14][15] and then Mr. Gay World Philippines 2021 Joel Rey Carcasona took over the title Mr. Gay World 2021.


Year Country/Territory Mr Gay World Location Entrants Ref.
2021   South Africa Louw Breytenbach (Resigned) South Africa | Virtual contest 10 [16][17]
  Philippines Joel Rey Carcasona (Assumed) [18][19]
2020   Philippines Leonard Kodie Macayan 9 [1][2]
2019   Philippines John Jeffrey Carlos (Completed)[a] Cape Town, South Africa 24 [20][21]
  Spain Francisco Alvarado (Assumed)[a] [22]
2018   Australia Jordan Paul Bruno Knysna, South Africa 21 [23][24]
2017   Philippines John Raspado Madrid & Maspalomas, Spain 21 [25][26]
2016   Spain Roger Gosalbez St. Julian's, Malta 24 [27][28]
2015   Germany Klaus Burkart (Resigned) Knysna, South Africa 21 [29][30]
  Hong Kong Mass Luciano (Assumed)
2014   United Kingdom Stuart Hatton Rome, Italy 23 [31][32]
2013   New Zealand Christopher Michael Olwage Antwerp, Belgium 25
2012   New Zealand Andreas Derleth Johannesburg, South Africa 22
2011   South Africa Francois Nel Manila, Philippines 23
2010   South Africa Charl Van Den Berg Oslo, Norway 23
2009   Ireland Max Krzyzanowski Whistler, Canada 19

Country/Territory by number of winsEdit

Country/Territory Titles Year
  Philippines 4 2017, 2019[a], 2020, 2021[b]
  South Africa 3 2010, 2011, 2021[c]
  Spain 2 2016, 2019[a]
  New Zealand 2012, 2013
  Australia 1 2018
  Germany 2015[c]
  Hong Kong 2015[b]
  United Kingdom 2014
  Ireland 2009
  1. ^ a b c d Originally crowned 1st Runner-Up. Took over the title after the original winner completed his reign.
  2. ^ a b Originally crowned 1st Runner-Up. Took over the title after the original winner resigned.
  3. ^ a b Resigned


Year 1st Runner-Up 2nd Runner-Up 3rd Runner-Up 4th Runner-Up 5th Runner-Up
2021 Joel Rey Carcasona (Former)
Joshuan Aponte
  Puerto Rico
Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2020 Marek Piekarczyk
Vicente Miron
Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2019 Francisco Alvarado
Oliver Pusztan
Cjayudhom Samiat
Nick Van Vooren
Not awarded
2018 Ricky Devine-White
  New Zealand
Samarpan Maiti
Chen Po-Hung
João Pedro Carvalho Gonçalves de Oliveira
Not awarded
2017 Cándido Arteaga
Raf Van Puymbroeck
Marco Tornese
Alexander Steyn
  South Africa
Not awarded
2016 Chris Krauel
Christian Reyes Lacsamana
Kyle Patrick
  Sint Maarten
Rafael Fagundes
Patrick MacDonald (withdrawal)
2015 Mass Luciano (Assumed)
  Hong Kong
Tomi Lappi
Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2014 Kiriakos Spanos
Robbie Lawlor
Luis Vento
Bridge Hudson
  Hong Kong
Not awarded
2013 Benjie Vasquez Caraig
  Hong Kong
Matthew Simmons
  United States of America
Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2012 Lance Weyer
  South Africa
Remy Frejaville
Kevin Scott Power
  United States of America
Thom Goderie
Not awarded
2011 Michael Kevin Holtz
  United States of America
Israel Acevedo
Leigh Charles
Aaron Comis
  New Zealand
Not awarded
2010 Samuel Adu
Rick Dean Twombley
  Hong Kong
Xindai Muyi
Sergio Lara
Not awarded
2009 Alexis Cespedes
Pico Velasco Michel
Ben Edwards
Reece Karena
  New Zealand
Darren Bruce

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