Moscow Savyolovsky railway station

Coordinates: 55°47′39″N 37°35′17″E / 55.79417°N 37.58806°E / 55.79417; 37.58806

Savyolovsky station (Russian: Савёловский вокза́л, Savyolovsky vokzal), alternatively spelled Savyolovskiy, Savelovsky or Savelovskiy, is one of the nine main railway stations in the Maryina roshcha District of Moscow. It serves suburban directions north of the city. It is often called Butyrskaya vokzal because of nearby Butyrka.


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View of the station's main entrance
LocationSavyolovsky Station Square, Maryina roshcha District, Moscow, Russia
Operated byMoscow Railway
ConnectionsMoscow metro station:

Moskwa Metro Line 9.svg Savyolovskaya

Bus: M10, T3, T29, T79, 22, 72, 82, 84, 87, 310, 384, 415, 727;

Trolleybus: 42, 56;
Structure typeAt-grade
Other information
Station code196004
Fare zone0
Previous namesButyrsky
Preceding station Moscow Central Diameters Following station
Moscow Belorussky
towards Lobnya
Line D1 Timiryazevskaya
towards Odintsovo
Preceding station Aeroexpress Following station
Moscow Belorusskaya Odintsovo to Sheremetyevo Airport Okruzhnaya
towards Odintsovo
Savyolovsky is located in Moscow Ring Road
Location within Moscow Ring Road


The station was built from 1897 to 1902, along a 130-kilometre (81 mi) long railway to the towns of Kashin, Kalyazin, Uglich, and Rybinsk. The modern name of the station originates from the name of a village Savyolovo (now a district of the town of Kimry) situated along the line.

As the line was built by a private company, the place of the rail station was initially built outside Moscow next to the outpost of Butyrka. Initially known as Butyrsky station, the station lacks the ornateness and grandeur of Moscow's other stations and consists of a central two-story section flanked by two single story wings. The station was inaugurated in a silver-trowel ceremony in spring 1902, an event which had direct consequences for the nearby peaceful rural areas as it dramatically increased investment and led to those areas being engulfed by the city.

When the station marked its 90th anniversary, it was internally redeveloped, expanded and restored adding a second floor and improving the quality of platforms. It was the last station to be connected to the Moscow Metro, with the Savyolovskaya metro station (opened in 1988).


Suburban destinationsEdit

As of 2011, the station operated only suburban commuter trains (elektrichka trains). The principal destinations are Dolgoprudny, Lobnya, Iksha, Yakhroma, Dmitrov, Taldom, Kimry (Savyolovo) and Dubna. There are express trains to Dubna, which also have stops at Dmitrov and Bolshaya Volga. While most trains, arriving from the north, terminate there, some trains proceed to the Belorussky railway station and in the western direction. The long-distance trains, which previously departed from the station, were moved to the Belorussky station.

Airport connectionsEdit

From November 2004 to June 2007, an express train ran from the Savyolovsky station to Lobnya[1] (about 30 min) that connected with buses or taxis for the 7 km trip to the two airport terminals at Sheremetyevo (about 15 min).

On June 10, 2008, a direct service from Savyolovsky station to a new railway station near Sheremetyevo Terminal 2 was inaugurated. Journeys take 35 minutes, and tickets cost 300 roubles (750 roubles for business class).[2] The service is operated by Aeroexpress, a subsidiary of Russian Railways.[3]

Starting from May 30, 2010, the stop on Savyolovsky station on line Belorussky railway station - Sheremetyevo was canceled.

Intercity bus connectionsEdit

There is a bus terminal, in front of the station, serving Dmitrov, Dubna, Iksha, Kalyazin, Kashin, Kimry, Laryovo, Taldom and several other destinations north of Moscow.



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