Moscow Central Diameters

The Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) (Russian: Московские центральные диаметры (МЦД), romanized: Moskovskiye tsentralnye diametry (MTsD)) are a system of city train services on existing commuter rail lines in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, Russia.[1]

Moscow Central Diameters
Ivolga 1.0 train (on the right) and current generation Ivolga 2.0 at Podolsk railway station of Line D2
Ivolga 1.0 train (on the right) and current generation Ivolga 2.0 at Podolsk railway station of Line D2
Native nameМосковские центральные диаметры
Area servedMoscow and Moscow Oblast
Transit typeHybrid urban-suburban rail
Number of lines4 (5 planned)
Number of stations140
Began operation21 November 2019
Operator(s)Russian Railways
Track gauge1,520 mm (4 ft 11+2732 in) Russian gauge
MCD Map including all lines

The system began operation on 21 November 2019, when the first two lines were launched.[2] After first 9.5 months of operation, the passenger traffic of the Moscow Central Diameters reached 100 million.[3] On 27 December 2019, passengers made record 554.6 thousand trips.[4]

Line D3 was opened on 17 August 2023, and Line D4 was opened on 9 September of the same year.[5][6]

Lines edit

No. Name[1] Opening date Length
of stations
Planned passenger
traffic (mil/yr)
  Belorussko-Savyolovsky 21 November 2019 52 28[7] 42.9
  Kursko-Rizhsky 21 November 2019 80 38[8] 48.6
  Leningradsko-Kazansky 17 August 2023 85 38[9] 46.8
  Kaluzhsko-Nizhegorodsky 9 September 2023 86 36[10] ?
  Yaroslavsko-Paveletsky 2026[11] 89 39[12] ?
Total 392 179

Ticket prices edit

Ticket prices on Pererva station of MCD-2 line in November 2019

The trip cost depends on travel distance; transfers to and from the Moscow Metro and the MCC are free.[13]

At MCD-1 and MCD-2 there are three tariff zones:

  • "Central" (within the boundaries of the stations Mark – Setun, Volokolamskaya – Ostafyevo). The cost for the Troika card is 40 rubles. You can also use a ticket for 60 trips, tickets for the number of days recorded on the Troika, and a credit card. All prices are the same as in Moscow Metro.
  • "Suburb" (for trips through the territory of the Moscow region and to Moscow within the MCD). A one-time trip at the "Wallet" tariff costs 45 rubles, a ticket for 90 minutes costs 83 rubles.
  • "Far" (for trips from stations outside the MCD). The price is made up of 23 rubles for each zone of suburban trains to the borders of the MCD and 45 rubles of the MCD "Wallet" tariff or 83 rubles at the 90-minute tariff.

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