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Monte Toc, nicknamed the walking mountain by locals due to its tendency to landslide, is a mountain on the border between Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Northern Italy best known for the Vajont Dam, which was built at the mountain's base in 1960.

Monte Toc
Vajont monte toc frana.jpg
The area of the 1963 landslide on Monte Toc, taken in 2005
Highest point
Elevation1,921 m (6,302 ft)
Coordinates46°14′N 12°20′E / 46.233°N 12.333°E / 46.233; 12.333Coordinates: 46°14′N 12°20′E / 46.233°N 12.333°E / 46.233; 12.333
Monte Toc is located in Alps
Monte Toc
Monte Toc
Location in the Alps
LocationPordenone, Italy
Parent rangeVenetian Prealps

On October 9, 1963, 260 million cubic metres[1] of rock slid down the side of Mount Toc and plunged into the reservoir created by the Vajont Dam, causing a megatsunami 250 metres high over the dam wall and destroying the town of Longarone and its suburbs.[1][2] 1,918 people were killed, 1,450 of whom were in Longarone.


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