Mont-Saint-Hilaire line

Mont-Saint-Hilaire (also designated exo3) is a commuter railway line in Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is operated by Exo, the operator of public transport services across this region.

Outbound train at Saint-Basile-le-Grand
Line numberSH
LocaleGreater Montreal
TerminiCentral Station
WebsiteRTM - Mont-Saint-Hilaire line
TypeCommuter rail
Daily ridership8,600 (2018)[1]
Ridership2,245,000 (2018)
Line length34.9 km (21.7 mi)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge
Route map
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Mont-Saint-Hilaire line
Central Station
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Réseau express métropolitain towards Brossard
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Victoria Bridge over
St. Lawrence River
Zone 1
Zone 3
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Zone 6

The Mont-Saint-Hilaire line was operated by the Canadian National Railway (CN) between 1859 and 1988. The line was not active until Exo's predecessor agency, the Agence Métropolitaine de transport (AMT), resumed passenger service in 2000.

There are 7 inbound and 7 outbound departures per weekday.[2] This line does not run on weekends.


This line links the Central Station in downtown Montreal with Mont-Saint-Hilaire, on Montreal's South Shore.

The line offers seven departures every weekday morning towards Montreal and seven returns to Saint-Hilaire every weekday evening. It is also the only commuter train line not to have any train stations on the island of Montreal outside of Downtown Montreal. All the other train lines have at least 4 stops before leaving the island.[3]

The trains are owned and managed by Exo, and operated by Bombardier's Transportation division.

Today, over 9,000 people ride this train daily.


CN serviceEdit

This commuter route was opened by CN in 1859. Equipment in the late 1960s and early 1970s, operated once daily each direction, was a hodgepodge of ca 1930 coaches and an equally eclectic mix of yard switchers, freight and passenger diesel electric engines. Service was suspended in 1988, due to low ridership and old equipment used.

Central Station – Saint-Isidore shuttle serviceEdit

During the Oka Crisis in the summer of 1990, the Société de transport de la communauté urbaine de Montréal (STCUM) organised a temporary rail shuttle service between Montreal Central Station and the town of Saint-Isidore due to the closure of the Honoré Mercier Bridge during said crisis. That service used part of the present-day Mont-Saint-Hilaire line between Montreal Central Station and Saint-Lambert station via Victoria Bridge, and then branched off to the CN Rouses Point Subdivision towards Saint-Isidore.

AMT serviceEdit

The Mont-Saint-Hilaire line was re-opened in 2000 (between Montreal Central Station and McMasterville) by the AMT as a measure to mitigate traffic congestion caused by roadwork. Train service was progressively increased to respond to rapidly growing demand. The line was extended to its current terminus at Mont-Saint-Hilaire in 2002.

RTM/Exo serviceEdit

On June 1, 2017, the AMT was dissolved and replaced by two new governing bodies, the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) and the Réseau de transport métropolitain (RTM). The RTM took over all former AMT services, including this line.

In May 2018, the RTM rebranded itself as Exo, and rebranded each line with a number and updated colour. The Mont-Saint-Hilaire line became Exo 3, and its line colour was updated to a lighter pastel shade of violet.

List of stationsEdit

The following stations are on the Mont-Saint-Hilaire line:

Station Location Connections Zones
Gare Centrale Montreal  
  Downtown Terminus
  Bonaventure Metro station
  STM: 150, 358, 410, 430, 515, 535, 935 (within walking distance along René Lévesque Boulevard), 61, 75, 168, 420 (on University Street), 74, 75 (on de la Gauchetière Street).[4]
Saint-Lambert Saint-Lambert  
  RTL: 1, 6, 55, 106
Longueuil–Saint-Hubert Saint-Hubert   RTL: 8, 19, 22, 98, T23
Saint-Bruno Saint-Bruno   RTL: 91, 92 5
Saint-Basile-le-Grand Saint-Basile-le-Grand   Exo: 24, 26
McMasterville McMasterville   Exo: 23, 27, 85, 200, 201, 300, 20B, 20M 6
Mont-Saint-Hilaire Mont-Saint-Hilaire   Exo: 11, 21, 22, 25, 300

The commuter line operates over the following Canadian National subdivision:


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