Mlanje Mountain chameleon

The Mlanje Mountain chameleon (Nadzikambia mlanjensis) is one of two species in the genus Nadzikambia (derived from the species' name in Chichewa). It is a plesiomorphic, small chameleon from the Ruo Gorge forest on Mount Mulanje in Malawi.

Mlanje Mountain chameleon
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Iguania
Family: Chamaeleonidae
Genus: Nadzikambia
N. mlanjensis
Binomial name
Nadzikambia mlanjensis
(Broadley, 1965)
  • Bradypodion mlanjense
  • Chamaeleo mlanjense
  • Nadzikambia mlanjense

Initially placed into Chamaeleo, it was for some time moved to the South African dwarf chameleons (Bradypodion) by some (Klaver & Böhme, 1986). This was criticized because plesiomorphies cannot be used to define clades, and eventually turned out to be in error.[2]


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