Mitra (disambiguation)

Mitra is an Indo-Iranian deity.

Mitra or Mithra may also refer to:

Indo-Iranian deitiesEdit

  • Mithra (Persian: Mitra), a Zoroastrian yazata
  • Mitra (Vedic) (Sanskrit: Mitrá-, Mitráḥ), a deity (asura) who appears frequently in the ancient Indian text of the Rigveda



Given nameEdit

  • Mitra Bir (died 1978), freedom fighter and educationist from Goa, India
  • Mitra Farahani (میترا فراهانی) (born 1975), Iranian filmmaker and painter
  • Mitra Hajjar (میترا حجار) (born 1977), Iranian actress
  • Mitra Phukan, Indian author
  • Mitra Tabrizian, British-Iranian photographer and film director


  • La Mitra, a town in the Panamá province of Panama
  • Cerro de las Mitras ("Miter Hill" or "Miter Mountain"), a mountain in Nuevo León, Mexico
  • Colonias Mitras Centro, Mitras Norte and Mitras Sur, neighborhoods in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico

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