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Mithridates /ˌmɪθˈrɪdətz/ or Mithradates (Old Persian 𐎷𐎡𐎰𐎼𐎭𐎠𐎫 Miθradāta) is the Hellenistic form of an Iranian theophoric name, meaning "given by the deity Mithra". In modern Persian it is called Mehrdad. It may refer to:

Gender Male
Word/name Iranian
Meaning Gift of Sun
Region of origin Greater Iran
Related names Mehrdad, Mitradat, Mert, Mithad


Other peopleEdit

  • Mithridates (Persian general) (d. 334 BC), son-in-law of Darius III
  • Mithridates (soldier) (d. 401 BC), Persian soldier who killed Cyrus the Younger in 401 BC, according to Plutarch.
  • Mitradates, according to Herodotus a Median herdsman, who was ordered to murder the future Cyrus the Great by his grandfather Astyages, but who secretly raised him with his wife Cyno until the age of ten, having passed off their own stillborn child as the murdered Cyrus.
  • Mithridates Chrestus, prince from the Kingdom of Pontus, brother of Mithridates VI of Pontus

Other usesEdit