Mithun's Dream Factory

Mithun's Dream Factory is an Indian film studio based in Ooty.[citation needed]

Mithun Chakraborty left the Mumbai based film industry in the early 1990s as he shifted his base at Ooty to concentrate on his hotel business. He set up a hotel in Ooty [1] and chose to act only in films which were shot at Ooty and nearby locales. This strategy paid off as the film crew could stay in his hotel, the Monarch,[2] for discounted rates, and complete the film in a single schedule.

Chakraborty's limited budget movies soon started flowing, as every month saw a Chakraborty release. These movies were profitable, but were often ignored by critics and were categorized as B movies (low-budget films). He paid more tax than anyone else in the Bollywood film industry in the country between 1995 and 1999.[3][4]

Chakraborty also holds the record of appearing in the highest number of Hindi films as hero (over 250 films).[5]

Selected filmographyEdit


India Today Magazine printed an article in which it referred to Chakraborty as "The B movies (low-budget) King".[6][7] SCREEN Weekly carried a cover story calling him "Mithun - The Miracle Man", both covering the Ooty-based film production phenomenon.[8] Outlook Magazine mentioned the same.[9] Filmfare Magazine in May 1998 published the same phenomenon under the title "Believe it or not... The unusually - safe suthri story of Mithun Chakraborty". Rediff addressed Chakraborty as "That indefatigable Movie Machine".[10]

Director T L V Prasad made more than 25 Chakraborty films.[11]


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