Miss Israel (Hebrew: מַלְכַּת הַיֹּפִי, Malkat HaYōfî, lit.'The Beauty Queen') is a national beauty pageant in Israel. The pageant was founded in 1950, where the winners were sent to Miss Universe. The pageant was also existing to send delegates to Miss World, Miss International, Miss Europe and Miss Asia Pacific International. The 1970 competition was held in International Convention Center, Jerusalem. Moshit Tsiporin was the winner.

Miss Israel 1970
VenueInternational Convention Center
WinnerMoshit Tsiporin

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Final Results Contestant
Miss Israel 1970[citation needed]
  • Moshit Tsiporin
1st Runner-Up
  • Irit Lavi
2nd Runner-Up
  • Miri Katz

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