Mirpur Division

The Mirpur Division (Urdu: میرپور ڈِوِژن‎) is a first-order administrative division of the Pakistani dependent territory of Azad Kashmir. Mirpur is the largest division by population in Azad Kashmir. It comprises the portion of the former Mirpur District of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir that came under Pakistani control at the end of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947.

Map of Azad Kashmir with the Mirpur Division highlighted in red


The area of the present Mirpur Division was a part of the former princely state of Jammu and Kashmir during the British Raj and after the partition of India. After the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, it became part of what is now Azad Kashmir. The Mirpur Division was the location of the Mirpur Massacre in November 1947.[1][2]


Currently, the Mirpur Division consists of the following districts:


Coordinates: 33°15′N 73°56′E / 33.250°N 73.933°E / 33.250; 73.933