Ministry of Justice (Kazakhstan)

The Ministry of Justice of Kazakhstan is government ministry tasked with the duty of overseeing the country's legal agencies.[1]

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан Республикасының Әділет министрлігі (ҚР ӘМ)
Qazaqstan Respýlıkasynyń Ádilet mınıstrligi (QR ÁM)
Министерство юстиции Республики Казахстан (МЮ РК)
Emblem of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.jpg
Seal of the ministry
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Kazakhstan
HeadquartersNur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Minister responsible
Parent departmentMinistry of Justice of the Kazakh SSR
Child agency


The ministry consists of the following departments:

National governmental bodies:

  • Strategic Planning Department
  • Department of legislation
  • Department of registration of legal acts
  • Department of State Property Rights Protection
  • Department of International Law and Cooperation
  • Department of Expertise of International Economic Integration Projects
  • Department of registration service and organization of legal services
  • Department of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Department for the execution of judicial acts
  • Department of Economics and Finance
  • Department of Public Service Monitoring and Internal Administration
  • Human Resources Department
  • Internal Audit Office
  • Management of the organization of work to protect state secrets
  • Information Management
  • Information Security Management

Subordinate organizations of the ministry:

  • Center for legal expertise
  • Legislation Institute of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Center for Legal Information
  • National Institute of Intellectual Property

List of ministersEdit

The following is a list of ministers who have held the office since 1943:[2]

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