Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (Iran)

Coordinates: 35°42′35.24″N 51°24′22.28″E / 35.7097889°N 51.4061889°E / 35.7097889; 51.4061889

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance's functions are:[2]

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
وزارت امور اقتصادی و دارایی
Vezârat-e Eqtesâd va Omur-e Dârâiy
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Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the Islamic Republic of Iran
HeadquartersBab Homayoun Street, Tehran
Employees117,123 (2019)[1]
Minister responsible
WebsiteOfficial website

The affairs related policy-making, organizations, and institutes in the field of trade of goods and services are handled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (Ministry of E.A.F.).

Ministers of Finance during the Imperial State of IranEdit

Ministers responsible for finance under Pahlavi dynasty.

Ministers of Finance of the Islamic Republic of IranEdit

No. Portrait Name Took




Party Head of


1 Ali Ardalan 15 February 1979 6 November 1979 National Front Mehdi Bazargan
2   Abolhassan Banisadr 17 November 1979 10 February 1980 Independent Council of the Islamic Revolution
3 Hossein Namazi 11 March 1981 28 October 1985 Islamic Republican Party Mohammad-Ali Rajai

Mohammad-Javad Bahonar

Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani (acting)

Mir-Hossein Mousavi

4   Mohammad Javad Irvani 5 January 1986 29 August 1989 Islamic Republican Party Mir-Hossein Mousavi
5   Mohsen Nourbakhsh 29 August 1989 16 August 1993 Executives of Construction Party Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
6   Morteza Mohammadkhan 6 October 1993 20 August 1997 Executives of Construction Party
Moderation and Development Party
(3) Hossein Namazi 20 August 1997 22 August 2001 Independent Mohammad Khatami
7   Tahmasb Mazaheri 22 August 2001 25 April 2004 Independent
8   Safdar Hosseini 25 April 2004 24 August 2005 Islamic Iran Participation Front
9   Davoud Danesh-Jafari 24 August 2005 2 April 2008 Society of Devotees of the Islamic Revolution Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
10   Shamseddin Hosseini 5 August 2008 15 August 2013 Independent
11   Ali Tayebnia 15 August 2013 20 August 2017 Independent Hassan Rouhani
12   Masoud Karbasian 20 August 2017 26 August 2018 Independent
13   Farhad Dejpasand 27 October 2018 25 August 2021 Independent
14   Ehsan Khandozi 25 August 2021 Present Coalition Council of Islamic Revolution Forces Ebrahim Raisi

The Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of IranEdit

The Customs Administration is affiliated to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. All activities regarding importation, exportation, transit, collection of import duties and other cases such as temporary importation are carried out by the Customs Administration, which is in charge of implementing the Customs Affairs Act of the Iranian year 1350 (Hijri calendar) (1971 Gregorian calendar), and by-Laws of the Executive Branch of Iran.

Organization for Collection and Sale of State-owned Properties of Iran (OCSSPI)Edit

Affiliated to the Ministry of E.A.F.(Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance), the purpose of the O.C.S.S.P.I. (Organization for Collection and Sale of State-owned Properties of Iran) is to regulate properties, some of the duties includes the collection, storage, management, and sale of properties that as per the law are under the ownership, possession, custody or management of the government of Iran.

State Tax OrganizationEdit

Affiliated to the Ministry of E.A.F. (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance), the Iranian National Tax Administration is also incharge of collection of taxes from the public and supervises the implementation of tax laws and regulations in Iran. To facilitate the E-commerce, the Executive Branch of Iran is implementing a bar code (similar to ISBN of Books) system (called 'Irancode') across the UN Member State of Iran. It will facilitate e-commerce and tax collection to build a better Iran.[4]

Privatization OrganizationEdit

According to the Fourth edition of Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2005-2010), the Privatization Organization of Iran, which after discussions with the Ministry of E.A.F (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance) sets the prices and manages the shares of government-owned companies for the public. It also puts the stocks on the Tehran Stock Exchange. President of Iranian Privatization Organization is Ali-Ashraf Abdollah Porihoseini.

Organization for Investment Economic and Technical AssistanceEdit

Affiliated to the Ministry of E.A.F. (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance), the Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance (OIETA) centralizes, regulates and perform activities related to foreign investments in the UN Member State of Iran, Iran's foreign investments abroad, providing loans and credit facilities to foreign firms, institutes or governments as well as obtaining loan or credit from foreign or international sources. OIETA is a "one-stop institution" for foreign direct investment in Iran.

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