Mildred June

Mildred June (December 23, 1905 – June 19, 1940) was an American actress who appeared in silent films. She was also co-writer of a 1927 film. She died in the 30s from alcoholism.

Mildred June
Mildred June The Blue Book of the Screen.jpg
BornDecember 23, 1905
DiedJune 19, 1940
NationalityUnited States of America
Known foracting and early death from alcoholism
Spouse(s)Herbert Edward Capps
Bud Sheehan


June was born in St. Louis in 1905.[1]

The 1921 comedy Be Reasonable

She was an American actress appearing in silent films. June starred in Troubles of a Bride in 1924 with Robert Agnew and Alan Hale.[2] and in the similarly themed Matrimony Blues in 1926 with Lige Conley. The following year she starred in The Snarl of Hate and she was co-writer of the 1927 film Crazy to Act.[3] in which she and Oliver Hardy starred.[4]

Her last part in a film was a small one in Our Relations which starred Laurel and Hardy in 1936.[1]

She died young from alcoholism in Hollywood in 1940 from cirrhosis of the liver.[1]


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