The Michelsen's Cabinet was a Norwegian cabinet, formed by a coalition of the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the Moderate Liberal Party and the Coalition Party. It governed Norway between 11 March 1905 and 23 October 1907. It entered office as part of the build-up for the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905. It had the following composition:

Michelsen's Cabinet

Cabinet of Norway
The cabinet in 1905. In the front, left to right: Olssøn, Arctander, Michelsen, Løvland, G. Knudsen, Vinje. Behind, left to right: Bothner, Hagerup Bull, Lehmkuhl, Chr. Knudsen.
Date formed11 March 1905
Date dissolved23 October 1907
People and organisations
Head of stateHaakon VII of Norway
Head of governmentChristian Michelsen
No. of ministers9
Member partyCoalition Party
Conservative Party
Liberal Party
Moderate Liberal Party
Status in legislatureCoalition Majority government
109 / 123(88.62%)

Legislature term1906–1907
PredecessorHagerup's Second Cabinet
SuccessorLøvland's Cabinet

Cabinet members

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister11 March 1905[a]23 October 1907 Coalition
Prime Minister in Stockholm11 March 19057 June 1905 Liberal
Minister of Foreign Affairs7 June 190523 October 1907 Liberal
Minister of Justice and the Police11 March 19057 June 1905 Coalition
7 June 190527 November 1905 Conservative
27 November 190523 October 1907 Liberal
Minister of Finance and Customs11 March 190531 October 1905 Liberal
31 October 190527 November 1905 Coalition
27 November 19057 November 1906 Conservative
7 November 190623 October 1907 Liberal
Minister of Auditing11 March 19057 June 1905 Liberal
7 June 190527 November 1905 Liberal
27 November 190523 October 1907 Coalition
Minister of Defence11 March 190525 May 1907 Conservative
25 May 190723 October 1907 Coalition
Minister of Agriculture11 March 19056 November 1906 Moderate Liberal
6 November 190623 October 1907 Liberal
Minister of Education and Church Affairs11 March 190527 January 1906 Conservative
27 January 190623 October 1907 Independent
Minister of Trade11 March 190523 October 1907 Liberal
Minister of Labour11 March 190528 September 1907 Conservative
28 September 190723 October 1907 Independent
Member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm11 March 19057 June 1905 Conservative
11 March 19057 June 1905 Liberal



The State Secretary title is not to be confused with the modern title State Secretary. The old title State Secretary, used between 1814 and 1925, is now known as Secretary to the Government (Regjeringsråd).[1]




  1. ^ Sofus Arctander was acting Prime Minister from 31 August to 23 September 1905.