Metcalfes Skinny

Metcalfe's Skinny is a healthy snack food business set up in 2009 by Julian Metcalfe and, since September 2016, fully owned by the owner of Kettle Foods, Snyder's-Lance.


Metcalfe's Skinny was set up in 2009 by Metcalfe, the founder of Itsu and Pret a Manger, as part of an overall Metcalfe's Food company business which also produced a number of grocery and snack items for Itsu.

In June 2015, the larger group was split into separate businesses,[1] with Metcalfe's Skinny becoming a business in its own right and the Itsu Grocery brand becoming a subsidiary of the main Itsu brand.

In January 2016, Kettle Chips bought a 26% stake in the business,[2] with Kettle Chips. owner Snyder's-Lance purchasing the remaining 74% stake in September 2016,[3] leading to Metcalfe leaving the business.

In November 2016, a new pack design was launched and references to Metcalfe and Pret were removed from both the new packaging and the website.


The company offers a number of corn based healthy snack products under the Metcalfe's Skinny brand, which include

  • Popcorn Bags (cinema sweet, sinnamon sweet, maple bacon, sea salt, sweet and salt)
  • Popcorn Crisps (sweet chilli, say cheese, original)
  • Corncakes (milk chocolate, dark chocolate)
  • Rice Cakes (milk chocolate, dark chocolate, yoghurt)
  • Popcorn Thins (milk chocolate, dark chocolate)


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