Messrs. Glembay

Messrs. Glembay. A Drama in Three Acts from the Life of One Agremerian Patrician Family (Croatian: Gospoda Glembajevi. Drama u tri čina iz života jedne agramerske patricijske obitelji), is a play in three acts by the Croatian author Miroslav Krleža.

Messrs. Glembay
First edition front page
AuthorMiroslav Krleža
Original titleGospoda Glembajevi. Drama u tri čina iz života jedne agramerske patricijske obitelji
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback and paperback)

The play is divided into three acts, dealing with the events and the rift within the family Glembay. Messrs. Glembay is the first of three plays in the Glembay cycle which includes the dramas In Agony and Leda. The drama is commonly performed in the standard repertoire of major theatres across Croatia, and it is considered a classic of Croatian literature.[1]

English translation of Gospoda Glembajevi (The Glembays) is available in Harbors Rich in Ships: Selected Revolutionary Writings. Translated by Željko Cipriš. New York: Monthly Review Press, 2017.

The play was adapted into a 1988 feature film The Glembays, directed by Antun Vrdoljak, and starring Mustafa Nadarević as Leone Glembay and Ena Begović as Baroness Castelli-Glembay.


The play by the Ljubljana Drama Theatre in 1946
  • Naci (Ignjat, Jacques) Glembay, banker, owner of company Glembay Ltd., first secret adviser (69 years)
  • Baroness Castelli–Glembay, his second legitimate wife (45 years)
  • Dr. Phil. Leone Glembay, Ignjat's son from his first wife née Basilides–Danielli (38 years)
  • Sister Angelika Glembay, Dominican, widow from Glembay's son Ivan, née Baroness Zygtmuntowicz Beatrix (29 years)
  • Titus Andronicus Fabriczy-Glembay, Glembay's cousin, bishop emeritus (69 years)
  • Dr. Iuris Puba Fabriczy-Glembay, lawyer, law adviser of company Glembay Ltd., his son (28 years)
  • Dr. Med. Paul Altmann, physician (51 years)
  • Dr. Theol. et Phil. Alojzije Silberbrandt, adviser of baroness's son and her confesseur (39 years)
  • Oliver Glembay, son of Baroness Castelli and banker Glembay (17 years)
  • Ulanski Oberleutanant Von Ballocsanszky, army lieutenant (24 years)


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