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  • Pelinggih meru, is the multiple tiered roofs similar to pagoda in Balinese temple


  • Meru (film), a 2015 documentary about climbing Meru Peak
  • Prince Meru (Sgt. Frog), main character from the anime movie Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 2: The Deep Sea Princess
  • Meru (Legend of Dragoon), a playable character from the video games The Legend of Dragoon


  • Ameru, Bantu for the Meru people of Kenya
  • Wameru, Bantu for the Meru people of northern Tanzania
  • Meru (overseer of sealers), an Ancient Egyptian official under king Mentuhotep II in the Eleventh Dynasty
  • Vatsu Meru, politician from Nagaland, India



  • Mount Meru, a mountain in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist mythology

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  • Meru language, the language spoken by the Meru people (Ameru)
  • Maha Meru - a 3-dimensional Sri Chakra Yantra
  • Meru (beetle), a family of aquatic beetles in the suborder Adephaga
  • MERU, Milli Earth Rate Unit, an angular velocity equal to 1/1000 of Earth's rotation rate. Sometimes used to measure the performance of an inertial navigation system

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