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Merode is a railway and metro station in Brussels, Belgium. The metro station is located in the municipality of Etterbeek (near the border between Etterbeek, the City of Brussels and Schaerbeek), under the "Porte de Tervueren/Tervuursepoort," which is the start of Avenue de Tervueren/Tervurenlaan, a major street in Brussels. The underground train station is located under the "Place Prince Jean de Mérode/Prins Jean de Merodeplein," named in honour of Jean Philippe Eugène de Mérode, after whom the station is also named. The two stations are connected by an underground hallway.

(STIB-MIVB) Panneau MERODE.png
MetroBrussel Merode perron.jpg
Coordinates50°50′22″N 4°23′52″E / 50.83944°N 4.39778°E / 50.83944; 4.39778Coordinates: 50°50′22″N 4°23′52″E / 50.83944°N 4.39778°E / 50.83944; 4.39778
Platform levels2
Preceding station   NMBS/SNCB   Following station
toward Vilvoorde
S 4
toward Aalst
toward Mechelen
S 7
toward Halle
Preceding station   Brussels Metro   Following station
Line 1
Line 5

Metro stationEdit

The metro station opened in 1976 and was served by the first heavy metro service ever in Brussels (earlier underground services elsewhere were operated by trams). The station is located at the eastern end of the common branch of lines 1 and 5. One metro train out of two coming from Schuman continues to the southeast of the city through Thieffry toward Herrmann-Debroux metro station in the municipality of Auderghem; this branch is currently line 5. Line 1 continues to the east through Montgomery toward Stokkel/Stockel in the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre. Merode station is unusual in having its eastbound and westbound tracks one on top of the other, which avoids an at-grade fork. As a result, each platform faces a blank wall across the track, which has been decorated with tiling to improve the atmosphere of the station.

Originally the metro station of Merode was planned to be underneath the building of the Bank Bruxelles Lambert. Due to security issues this idea was not fully implemented however leftovers of this idea are still visible in the building.

Railway stationEdit

Line 26 service en route for Halle

The underground railway station has two tracks with two side platforms and is served by the suburban services of NMBS/SNCB line 26, as part of the RER (Regional Express Rail) services.

Train servicesEdit

The station is served by the following service(s):

  • Brussels RER services (S4) Vilvoorde - Merode - Etterbeek - Brussels-Luxembourg - Denderleeuw - Aalst (weekdays, peak hours only)
  • Brussels RER services (S7) Mechelen - Merode - Halle (weekdays)

Surrounding the stationEdit

Several places of interest are located around this station among which the famous Cauchie house (house of the architect Paul Cauchie [fr]), the Parc du Cinquantenaire, the Avenue de Tervueren (one of the oldest avenues in Brussels) and the Royal Military School. The station offers a connection with the Brussels tram route 81 as well as the bus routes 22, 27 and 80.


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