Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio is a British manufacturer of high-performance, high-fidelity audio and video components and systems founded in 1977 by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd.

Meridian Audio
TypeLimited company
IndustryAudio/Visual Consumer electronics equipment manufacturing and distribution
Founded1977; 44 years ago (1977)
FounderBob Stuart, Allen Boothroyd
HeadquartersHuntingdon, England
ProductsHigh-end loudspeakers, home theatre equipment


Meridian Audio founders Allen Boothroyd and Bob Stuart

Based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Meridian Audio was founded by John Robert (Bob) Stuart and Allen Boothroyd in 1977. Since the company's inception, all Meridian products have been built in the UK.[1]

The company was the among the first to introduce active loudspeakers (loudspeakers with power amplifiers inside the cabinet) designed for the domestic market and was the first British company to manufacture a CD player in 1983. The Meridian MCD, launched in 1985, was the first audiophile CD player.[2] In his review of the MCD, audio engineer and Stereophile founder J. Gordon Holt wrote, "For the first time, the sound of the best CDs (Telarcs, RealTimes and Sheffields) is truly liquid and transparent, with an effortlessness that I have not previously heard except from the better analog sources... To date, then, this is the best-sounding CD player I've encountered."[3] Meridian also created the first digital surround-sound processor, the 565 in 1994 as well as the first DSP-based digital active loudspeakers.

Today, the company's two largest markets are the United States[4] and the UK.


Meridian Audio's flagship DSP8000 speakers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Architectural Loudspeakers
  • Custom Installation and Solutions
  • Surround Sound Processors
  • Digital to Analog Converters
  • Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers

Awards and recognitionEdit

Meridian products have received several awards, including:

  • 2011 Robb Report Best of the Best, Audio: Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System[5]
  • 2010 CEA Human Interface Product of the Year: Meridian Sooloos[6]
  • 2009 Robb Report Best of the Best, Home Video: Meridian 810 Reference Video System[7]
  • 2009 CEA Innovations Design and Engineering Award in the Integrated Home Systems: Meridian Sooloos[8]
  • 1988 British Design Council Award: Meridian 200 Series[9]
  • 1982 British Design Council Award: Meridian Modular Amplifier System[10]

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