The Mergosono massacre (Indonesian: Tragedi Mergosono) of 31 July 1947 was committed by Indonesian revolutionaries against members of the Chinese community of Mergosono in Malang, East Java during the Bersiap period of the Indonesian National Revolution. Suspected of espionage for the Dutch colonial authorities, 30 Chinese men and women were rounded up, tortured, and burned, before being buried at a former cannery. The bodies were exhumed and reburied in a mass grave on 3 August the same year.[1]

Mergosono massacre
Part of the Indonesian National Revolution
LocationMalang, East Java, Dutch East Indies
Date31 July 1947 (1947-07-31)
Attack type
VictimsChinese community of Mergosono
PerpetratorsIndonesian revolutionaries

The victims Edit

The identities of 24 victims were provided by the local Chinese general association. The other six victims remain unknown.

  1. Sie Bian Kiet (football player, popularly known as Freddy Sie)
  2. Sie Bian Ten
  3. Tan Soen Seng
  4. Tan Teng San
  5. unnamed wife of Tan Teng San
  6. Koo Pan Tjo
  7. Kwee Giok Tjhoen
  8. Oen Nam Tjing
  9. Koo Siam Tjo
  10. Kwee Keh Tien
  11. Kwee Lian Sie
  12. unnamed wife of Kwee Lian Sie
  13. Nie Swan Hwie
  14. Nyonya Kwee Swan Hwie
  15. Tan Ting Siang
  16. Yap Tian Seng
  17. Yap Kong Ing
  18. Tan Thing Lien
  19. Tan Siang Soen
  20. Yap Khik Hien
  21. Yap Tie Wan
  22. Go Siong Kie
  23. Lay Tjoen Hien
  24. Go Yauw Khing

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