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List of members of the 5th Northern Ireland Assembly

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This is a list of the members of the fifth Northern Ireland Assembly, the unicameral devolved legislature of Northern Ireland. Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) elected on 5 May 2016[1] or subsequently co-opted are listed by party and by constituency.

5th Northern Ireland Assembly
4th Assembly 6th Assembly
JurisdictionNorthern Ireland
Meeting placeParliament Buildings,
Term12 May 2016 – 26 January 2017
Election2016 assembly election
GovernmentExecutive of the 5th Assembly
SpeakerRobin Newton
First MinisterArlene Foster
deputy First MinisterMartin McGuinness

Only the Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Féin and an Independent Unionist participated in the 4th Northern Ireland Executive, which now comprised nine rather than 12 departments.[2] The Ulster Unionist Party, Social Democratic and Labour Party and Alliance Party declined the roles they were entitled to, and under the Assembly and Executive Reform (Assembly Opposition) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016[3] the larger UUP and SDLP formed the first official Assembly Opposition.

The Assembly convened on 12 May, electing the DUP's Robin Newton as Speaker.


Party strengthsEdit

Party Designation May 2016
Jan 2017
Democratic Unionist Party Unionist 38 36
Sinn Féin Nationalist 28 28
Ulster Unionist Party Unionist 16 16
Social Democratic and Labour Party Nationalist 12 12
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland Other 8 8
Green Party in Northern Ireland Other 2 2
People Before Profit Alliance Other 2 2
Traditional Unionist Voice Unionist 1 1
Independent Unionist 1 1
Independent[n 1] Unionist 0 1
Speaker[n 2] None 0 1
Total 108
Roles at commencement: ● = Northern Ireland Executive (66); ♦ = Assembly Opposition (28); ♢ = Other opposition (13).


  1. ^ Jonathan Bell was suspended from the DUP on 18 Dec 2016.
  2. ^ Once elected, the Speaker relinquishes party affiliation.

Graphical representationEdit

This is not the official seating plan

MLAs by partyEdit

Party Name Constituency
Democratic Unionist Party (38) Sydney Anderson Upper Bann
Jonathan Bell Strangford
Maurice Bradley East Londonderry
Paula Bradley Belfast North
Keith Buchanan Mid Ulster
Thomas Buchanan West Tyrone
Joanne Bunting Belfast East
Pam Cameron South Antrim
Trevor Clarke South Antrim
Sammy Douglas Belfast East
Gordon Dunne North Down
Alex Easton North Down
Arlene Foster Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Paul Frew North Antrim
Paul Girvan South Antrim
Paul Givan Lagan Valley
Brenda Hale Lagan Valley
Simon Hamilton Strangford
David Hilditch East Antrim
William Humphrey Belfast North
William Irwin Newry and Armagh
Carla Lockhart Upper Bann
Phillip Logan North Antrim
Gordon Lyons East Antrim
Nelson McCausland Belfast North
Michelle McIlveen Strangford
Adrian McQuillan East Londonderry
Gary Middleton Foyle
Maurice Morrow Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Robin Newton Belfast East
Emma Pengelly Belfast South
Edwin Poots Lagan Valley
George Robinson East Londonderry
Alastair Ross East Antrim
Christopher Stalford Belfast South
Mervyn Storey North Antrim
Peter Weir North Down
Jim Wells South Down
Sinn Féin (28) Caoimhe Archibald East Londonderry
Cathal Boylan Newry and Armagh
Michaela Boyle West Tyrone
Linda Dillon Mid Ulster
Megan Fearon Newry and Armagh
Michelle Gildernew Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Chris Hazzard South Down
Declan Kearney South Antrim
Gerry Kelly Belfast North
Seán Lynch Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Declan McAleer West Tyrone
Fra McCann Belfast West
Jennifer McCann Belfast West
Raymond McCartney Foyle
Barry McElduff West Tyrone
Martin McGuinness Foyle
Daithí McKay North Antrim
Oliver McMullan East Antrim
Alex Maskey Belfast West
Ian Milne Mid Ulster
Conor Murphy Newry and Armagh
Carál Ní Chuilín Belfast North
Máirtín Ó Muilleoir Belfast South
John O'Dowd Upper Bann
Michelle O'Neill Mid Ulster
Caitríona Ruane South Down
Catherine Seeley Upper Bann
Pat Sheehan Belfast West
Ulster Unionist Party (16) Steve Aiken South Antrim
Andy Allen Belfast East
Rosemary Barton Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Doug Beattie Upper Bann
Roy Beggs, Jr. East Antrim
Robbie Butler Lagan Valley
Alan Chambers North Down
Jo-Anne Dobson Upper Bann
Ross Hussey West Tyrone
Danny Kennedy Newry and Armagh
Harold McKee South Down
Mike Nesbitt Strangford
Sandra Overend Mid Ulster
Jennifer Palmer Lagan Valley
Philip Smith Strangford
Robin Swann North Antrim
Social Democratic and Labour Party (12) Alex Attwood Belfast West
Sinéad Bradley South Down
Mark H. Durkan Foyle
Colum Eastwood Foyle
Claire Hanna Belfast South
Daniel McCrossan West Tyrone
Patsy McGlone Mid Ulster
Colin McGrath South Down
Justin McNulty Newry and Armagh
Richie McPhillips Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Nichola Mallon Belfast North
Gerry Mullan East Londonderry
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (8) Kellie Armstrong Strangford
Paula Bradshaw Belfast South
Stewart Dickson East Antrim
Stephen Farry North Down
David Ford South Antrim
Naomi Long Belfast East
Trevor Lunn Lagan Valley
Chris Lyttle Belfast East
Green Party in Northern Ireland (2) Steven Agnew North Down
Clare Bailey Belfast South
People Before Profit Alliance (2) Gerry Carroll Belfast West
Eamonn McCann Foyle
Traditional Unionist Voice (1) Jim Allister North Antrim
Independent Unionist (1) Claire Sugden East Londonderry

MLAs by constituencyEdit

Constituency Name Party
Belfast East
Joanne Bunting Democratic Unionist Party
Sammy Douglas Democratic Unionist Party
Robin Newton Democratic Unionist Party
Andy Allen Ulster Unionist Party
Naomi Long Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Chris Lyttle Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Belfast North
Paula Bradley Democratic Unionist Party
William Humphrey Democratic Unionist Party
Nelson McCausland Democratic Unionist Party
Gerry Kelly Sinn Féin
Carál Ní Chuilín Sinn Féin
Nichola Mallon Social Democratic and Labour Party
Belfast South
Emma Pengelly Democratic Unionist Party
Christopher Stalford Democratic Unionist Party
Máirtín Ó Muilleoir Sinn Féin
Claire Hanna Social Democratic and Labour Party
Paula Bradshaw Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Clare Bailey Green Party in Northern Ireland
Belfast West
Fra McCann Sinn Féin
Jennifer McCann Sinn Féin
Alex Maskey Sinn Féin
Pat Sheehan Sinn Féin
Alex Attwood Social Democratic and Labour Party
Gerry Carroll People Before Profit Alliance
East Antrim
David Hilditch Democratic Unionist Party
Gordon Lyons Democratic Unionist Party
Alastair Ross Democratic Unionist Party
Oliver McMullan Sinn Féin
Roy Beggs, Jr. Ulster Unionist Party
Stewart Dickson Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
East Londonderry
Maurice Bradley Democratic Unionist Party
Adrian McQuillan Democratic Unionist Party
George Robinson Democratic Unionist Party
Caoimhe Archibald Sinn Féin
Gerry Mullan Social Democratic and Labour Party
Claire Sugden Independent Unionist
Fermanagh and South Tyrone
Arlene Foster Democratic Unionist Party
Maurice Morrow Democratic Unionist Party
Michelle Gildernew Sinn Féin
Seán Lynch Sinn Féin
Rosemary Barton Ulster Unionist Party
Richie McPhillips Social Democratic and Labour Party
Gary Middleton Democratic Unionist Party
Raymond McCartney Sinn Féin
Martin McGuinness Sinn Féin
Mark H. Durkan Social Democratic and Labour Party
Colum Eastwood Social Democratic and Labour Party
Eamonn McCann People Before Profit Alliance
Lagan Valley
Paul Givan Democratic Unionist Party
Brenda Hale Democratic Unionist Party
Edwin Poots Democratic Unionist Party
Robbie Butler Ulster Unionist Party
Jennifer Palmer Ulster Unionist Party
Trevor Lunn Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Mid Ulster
Keith Buchanan Democratic Unionist Party
Linda Dillon Sinn Féin
Ian Milne Sinn Féin
Michelle O'Neill Sinn Féin
Sandra Overend Ulster Unionist Party
Patsy McGlone Social Democratic and Labour Party
Newry and Armagh
William Irwin Democratic Unionist Party
Cathal Boylan Sinn Féin
Megan Fearon Sinn Féin
Conor Murphy Sinn Féin
Danny Kennedy Ulster Unionist Party
Justin McNulty Social Democratic and Labour Party
North Antrim
Paul Frew Democratic Unionist Party
Phillip Logan Democratic Unionist Party
Mervyn Storey Democratic Unionist Party
Daithí McKay Sinn Féin
Robin Swann Ulster Unionist Party
Jim Allister Traditional Unionist Voice
North Down
Gordon Dunne Democratic Unionist Party
Alex Easton Democratic Unionist Party
Peter Weir Democratic Unionist Party
Alan Chambers Ulster Unionist Party
Stephen Farry Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Steven Agnew Green Party in Northern Ireland
South Antrim
Pam Cameron Democratic Unionist Party
Trevor Clarke Democratic Unionist Party
Paul Girvan Democratic Unionist Party
Declan Kearney Sinn Féin
Steve Aiken Ulster Unionist Party
David Ford Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
South Down
Jim Wells Democratic Unionist Party
Chris Hazzard Sinn Féin
Caitríona Ruane Sinn Féin
Harold McKee Ulster Unionist Party
Sinéad Bradley Social Democratic and Labour Party
Colin McGrath Social Democratic and Labour Party
Jonathan Bell Democratic Unionist Party
Simon Hamilton Democratic Unionist Party
Michelle McIlveen Democratic Unionist Party
Mike Nesbitt Ulster Unionist Party
Philip Smith Ulster Unionist Party
Kellie Armstrong Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
Upper Bann
Sydney Anderson Democratic Unionist Party
Carla Lockhart Democratic Unionist Party
John O'Dowd Sinn Féin
Catherine Seeley Sinn Féin
Doug Beattie Ulster Unionist Party
Jo-Anne Dobson Ulster Unionist Party
West Tyrone
Thomas Buchanan Democratic Unionist Party
Michaela Boyle Sinn Féin
Declan McAleer Sinn Féin
Barry McElduff Sinn Féin
Ross Hussey Ulster Unionist Party
Daniel McCrossan Social Democratic and Labour Party

Changes since the electionEdit

Date Constituency Gain Loss Note
18 August 2016 North Antrim   Sinn Féin Daithí McKay resigned.[4]
30 August 2016 North Antrim Sinn Féin   Philip McGuigan replaced Daithí McKay following the latter's resignation.[5]
17 November 2016 Belfast West   Sinn Féin Jennifer McCann stepped down.[6]
7 December 2016 Belfast West Sinn Féin   Órlaithí Flynn replaced Jennifer McCann following the latter's resignation.[7]
18 December 2016 Strangford Independent Unionist DUP Jonathan Bell suspended from the DUP.[8]


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