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Meg is a feminine given name, often a short form of Margaret, Megan, Megumi (Japanese), etc. It may refer to:


  • Meg (singer), a Japanese singer
  • Meg (Maria Di Donna), an Italian singer and former member of band 99 Posse and duo Nous
  • Meg Cabot (born 1967), American author of romantic and paranormal fiction
  • Meg Burton Cahill (born 1954), American politician and former Arizona state senator
  • Meg Foster (born 1948), American actress
  • Meg Greenfield (1930-1999), American Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer and columnist
  • Meg Frampton (born 1985), guitarist and back-up singer for the band Meg & Dia
  • Meg Hutchins (born 1982), Australian rules footballer
  • Meg Kelly, American television soap opera screenwriter
  • Meg Lanning (born 1992), Australian cricketer
  • Meg Lee Chin, Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter, best known as a member of the group Pigface
  • Meg LeFauve, American screenwriter (co-nominated for the Academy Award for Inside Out) and producer
  • Meg Lees (born 1948), Australian politician
  • Meg Mallon (born 1963), American LPGA golfer
  • Meg Morris (born 1992), American National Women's Soccer League player
  • Meg Ryan (born 1961), American actress
  • Meg Tilly, Canadian-American actress born Margaret Elizabeth Chan in 1960
  • Meg White (born 1974), American drummer, half of the rock duo The White Stripes (with former husband Jack White)
  • Meg Whitman (born 1956), former CEO of eBay and California gubernatorial candidate
  • Meg Wolitzer (born 1959), American author
  • Meg Wyllie (1917–2002), American actress
  • Margarete Pioresan, known as Meg (born 1956), Brazilian football goalkeeper

Fictional charactersEdit