Meg Lee Chin is a British singer and musician. She is best known for her work with the anarchic industrial supergroup Pigface, headed by Martin Atkins of Invisible Records.[1] She built her own recording studio dubbed Egg, where she recorded her first album,[2] and after appearing on Pigface's 1997 LP A New High in Low as well as its follow-up, Below the Belt, she released the solo debut Piece and Love in 1999. An album of remixes, titled Junkies and Snakes, was released the following year.[3] Signed to Invisible for five years, she left the label in 2002.

Meg Lee Chin
Meg Lee Chin.jpg
Background information
OriginTaipei, Taiwan
GenresIndustrial music
Occupation(s)Musician, songwriter
LabelsUnderground Inc.
Associated actsPigface, Teknofear, Crunch

Early yearsEdit

Meg Lee Chin was born in Taipei, Taiwan, to a US Air Force electronics engineer and mother who was Taiwanese.[4] After building a radio at age ten, she worked as a sound engineer while studying experimental art and video production at San Francisco State University, forming her first band, Felix Natural, during the early 1980s. Chin went on to co-found the short-lived Teknofear with Lunachicks drummer Becky Wreck and Swans guitarist Joe Goldring; frustrated with American life, she spent the late 1980s living in London, and eventually formed the all-female band Crunch.[3]

Meg went to San Francisco State University where she recorded Faith No More's first ever demo [3] with Courtney Love briefly on vocals (It was later erased).

Debut albumEdit

Her debut album Piece and Love was recorded in her London flat.[2] Released in September 1999,[5] the album achieved critical acclaim on the darkwave, industrial underground scene and was hot-tipped in Billboard magazine.

Other recordingsEdit

Other works include a remix album Junkies and Snakes,[5] also released on Invisible, along with some remixed covers of Ministry, David Bowie and Dead Kennedys tracks. A notable track, "Nutopia", paints an apocalyptic vision of the future as a twist on Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl". Tracks have appeared on Showtime's "Queer as Folk",[6][7] Warner Bros. Records "Witchblade" [8] and "Sleeper Cell".[9]

Chin worked as an engineer for Underground Inc. releases such as the 2004 release of What's the Word, Volume One, featuring Jello Biafra, Mike Ladd, among others.[10]

Personal lifeEdit

Meg lives in London, England[3] where she has developed and co-founded a website,,[11] which is a pro-audio producer and sound engineer's forum.


Piece And Love (1999)Edit

Track list:

  1. Thing
  2. Heavy Scene (Yeah!)
  3. Swallowing You
  4. Nutopia
  5. London
  6. Bottle
  7. Sunrise
  8. Sweat
  9. Deeper
  10. Swallowing You - Subgenius mix

Junkies And Snakes (2000)Edit

Track list:

  1. Thing (Critter Fish Mix)
  2. Heavy Scene (Radio Edit)
  3. And God She Created Civilization
  4. Nutopia (Subgenius Mix)
  5. Bottle (J. Hotrod Mix)
  6. Heavy Scene (Bag Full Of Fun Mix)
  7. Bittersweet And Sour


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