Medrese of Mehmet Şakir Paşa

Medrese of Mehmet Şakir Paşa, also known as Madrasa of Mustafapaşa is a 19th-century madrasa, an Islamic educational institute, in Nevşehir Province, central Turkey. It is also known as a caravanserai.[1]

Madrasa of Mehmed Shakir Pasha
Mehmet Şakir Paşa Medresesi
Mustafapaşa-Façade de la medersa (1).jpg
Main gate of the madrasa.
RegionCentral Anatolia
LocationNevşehir, Turkey
Medrese of Mehmet Şakir Paşa is located in Turkey
Medrese of Mehmet Şakir Paşa
Location of the madrasa in Turkey.
Geographic coordinates38°35′00″N 34°53′52″E / 38.58333°N 34.89778°E / 38.58333; 34.89778Coordinates: 38°35′00″N 34°53′52″E / 38.58333°N 34.89778°E / 38.58333; 34.89778
StyleIslamic, Seljuk architecture
Completed1890; 132 years ago (1890)

The madrasa is in Mustafapaşa, formerly Sinasos, in Ürgüp ilçe (district) of Nevşehir Province at 38°35′00″N 34°53′52″E / 38.58333°N 34.89778°E / 38.58333; 34.89778.

It was built in 1890 by Mehmet Şakir Pasha in the town center. The building was also used as an imaret, a public soup kitchen,[2] and during the Republican era, it was used as carpet market. It was restored in 1982. Currently, it houses a part of Kapodokya Undergraduate School.

It is a U-plan building. There is a seven-line inscription on the main gate. The students' quarters are behind the arched portico.[1]