The Mayor of Hargeisa is the chief executive of the city of Hargeisa, the capital and largest city of Somaliland. The current mayor is Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, who took office on 17 June 2021.[1]

Mayor of Hargeisa
Hargeisa Local Government Logo
Flag of Hargeisa
Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge
since 17 June 2021
StyleMr Mayor (formally)
Member ofHargeisa Municipal Council
SeatHargesia City Hall
AppointerHargeisa Municipal Council
DeputyKhadar Ahmed Omar

List of mayors

Portrait Name Somali name Term of office
Took office Left office Time in office
Barre Nouh (langadhe) Barre Nuux Cabdillahi (Laangadhe) 1991 1992
Omar Bobe Muse 1992 1993
Mohamed Hashi Elmi Maxamed Xaashi Cilmi 1993 1996
Muse Mohamed Yusuf 1996 1997
Hussein Mohamed Jiciir 2003 23 December 2012
  Yusuf Warsame Saeed Yuusuf Warsame Saciid 23 December 2012 7 April 2013 105 days
  Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid Cabdiraxman Maxmuud Caydiid 14 April 2013 17 June 2021 8 years, 64 days
  Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge Cabdikariin Axmed Mooge Liibaan 17 June 2021 Incumbent 3 years, 25 days

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