Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge

Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge Liibaan (Somali: Cabdikariin Axmed Mooge Liibaan) is a Somaliland politician and is the current Mayor of Hargeisa, the largest city and capital of Somaliland.[1][2] He belongs to the Eidagale sub-division of the Garhajis Isaaq clan.[3] He also has a son called Libaan aged 11 and he attends BIC also known as British International College. Liban has already finished primary school.

Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge
Cabdikariin Axmed Mooge
Mayor of Hargeisa
Assumed office
17 June 2021
Preceded byAbdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid
Personal details
Sin-ujiif, Somalia
Political partyWaddani

Early lifeEdit

Abdikarim was born in 1974 in Sin-ujiif, a village in the outskirts of Garowe, Somalia.[4] Abdikarim is the son of famous Somali artist Ahmed Mooge Liibaan and nephew of famous Somali artist Mohamed Mooge Liibaan.[2] He grew up in Hargeisa, where he completed his primary and secondary education.[4] At the outbreak of clashes in Hargeisa during the Somaliland War of Independence, Abdikarim fled to Ethiopia, specifically the Kaam-Abokor refugee camp.[4]

Upon his return to Somaliland, he and several other youth founded the HAVAYOCO agency, with the goal of supporting vulnerable people and youth.[4] He later worked for UN agencies and international organizations, where he moved abroad and spent some of his life, but later returned to Hargeisa.[4]

Political careerEdit

During the Silanyo administration, Abdikarim served in two positions; as the Deputy Minister of National Planning and as the Deputy Minister of Fisheries, but he later resigned.[4][5]

Abdikarim is a member of the Waddani party, the largest opposition party in Somaliland. He succeeded the previous mayor Abdurrahman Mahmoud Aidiid as the mayor of Hargeisa after the 2021 Somaliland municipal elections, gaining the most votes out of all candidates in Hargeisa.[6][7][2]


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