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maxon Group is a Swiss manufacturer and supplier of high-precision drive systems. The company offers electric DC servo motors, encoders (sensors), gears, and electric motor controllers.

maxon motor AG
maxon Group
Interelectric (1961-1999), maxon motor (1999-2019)
IndustryDrive technology
Founded1961; 58 years ago (1961) in Sachseln, Switzerland
Area served
40 countries worldwide
Key people
Karl-Walter Braun (majority shareholder); Eugen Elmiger (CEO)
BrandsParvalux Electric Motors Ltd; zub machine control AG;
Production output
5 million units and approx. 12,000 variations
OwnerKarl-Walter Braun (majority shareholder)
Number of employees



On December 5, 1961, Interelectric AG was founded. After the factory building in Sachseln had been completed in 1963, Interelectric began producing shearing foils for electric razors of Braun GmbH. At the time, there were 17 employees. The technological basis of the company was a technical process called galvanoplasty or electroforming. Soon afterwards, a separate development department for electromechanical devices was created at the Sachseln location. In 1967, Braun GmbH was sold to the American company Gillette. Following up on the groundbreaking work on DC minimotors that had been carried out in the company's own R&D department, the engineers were able to develop an entire range of models of DC motors. At the same time, the engineers in Sachseln patented the manufacturing process for the ironless rotor with the diamond-shaped winding. In 1970, the DC motors were registered under the trademark maxon. In 1999 the company restructured and rebranded as motor AG. In 2012, the company started offering DC motor configuration tooling through its website, known as 'X-Drives'. In 2017 zub motion control AG, based in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, was acquired by the company. Parvalux Electric Motors Ltd based in Bournemouth, UK, was acquired by maxon motor AG in 2018. The company is now transforming itself from a supplier of components to a systems provider. Together with customers, the company increasingly develops mechatronic complete solutions, consisting of a motor, gearhead, sensors, controller, batteries, and software. In addition, the company is adopting a new global matrix structure to position itself in the market and enable future growth. In July 2019, the company re-branded as maxon. The new brand identity epitomizes this strategy.


The company developed and patented its own ironless winding system. Its motors are available as either brushless, or brushed with graphite brushes or precious metal brushes. A part of its brushless DC motor program is available as flat motors for use in restricted space envelopes. The types of gearheads available are spur gearheads and planetary gearheads made of plastic, ceramic (zirconium dioxide and aluminium oxide) or stainless steel. The company offers motor-gearhead combinations for applications in extreme environments in terms of temperature, pression and durability as well as sterilizable motor-gearhead combinations for use in the medical field. The company also offers a range of encoders and two programs of motor control electronics. With the acquisition of Parvalux, AC motors are now offered by the Group via this subsidiary.

Application areasEdit

The company specializes in customer specific drive solutions, it produces more than 5 million drive units per year in approx. 12'000 variations. Its main market areas are medical technology, industrial automation, security technology, measuring and testing technology, communication technology, automotive and aerospace technology.[1]

maxon became known to a broader public when its products were chosen by the NASA for the Mars rover projects Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity.


maxon has its headquarters, along with a production plant, in Sachseln, in the Swiss Canton of Obwalden. The company gives its name to the railway station, Ewil Maxon, which adjoins the plant and has frequent connections to the city of Lucerne and beyond.[2]

Besides its Sachseln plant, maxon has production facilities at Sexau in Germany, Veszprém in Hungary, Cheonan in South Korea and Taunton, MA, United States of America. Sales operations exist in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Spain, Italy, Benelux, India, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea, and sales agents in numerous other countries.


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