Matricide is the act of killing one's mother.

Orestes Pursued by the Furies by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Clytemnestra was murdered by Orestes and the Furies torment him for his crime

Known or the suspected matricidesEdit

  • Amastris, queen of Heraclea, was drowned by her two sons in 284 BC.
  • Cleopatra III of Egypt was assassinated in 101 BC by order of her son, Ptolemy X, for her conspiracy.
  • Ptolemy XI of Egypt had his wife, Berenice III, murdered shortly after their wedding in 80 BC. She was also his stepmother and half-sister.
  • In AD 59, the Roman Emperor Nero is said to have ordered the murder of his mother Agrippina the Younger, supposedly because she was conspiring against him.
  • Mary Ann Lamb, the mentally ill sister of essayist Charles Lamb, killed their invalid mother during an episode of mania in 1796.
  • Sidney Harry Fox, a British man, hanged in 1930 for killing his mother to gain from her insurance.
  • Battle of Okinawa, 1945: There are accounts in which Okinawan civilians killed their mothers to prevent them from being captured, raped, tortured, and/or killed by the invading American forces.[1]
  • The Parker–Hulme murder case of 1954, in which 16-year-old Pauline Parker bludgeoned her mother Honorah to death with the assistance of Parker's 15-year-old friend Juliet Hulme. This case was dramatized in the 1994 film Heavenly Creatures.
  • Jack Gilbert Graham killed his mother along with 43 people by planting a dynamite bomb in his mother's suitcase, that was subsequently loaded aboard United Airlines Flight 629 in 1955.
  • Henry Lee Lucas killed his mother in 1960 by stabbing her in the neck.
  • Charles Whitman killed his mother and wife before going on his killing spree at the University of Texas at Austin that killed 14 people and wounded 31 others, as part of a shooting rampage from the observation deck of the University's 32-story administrative building on August 1, 1966. He was eventually shot and killed by Austin police.
  • John Emil List murdered his mother, wife and his three children on November 9, 1971, making List also guilty of filicide and uxoricide. He was a fugitive for 18 years. He was apprehended on June 1, 1989 after an episode of "America's Most Wanted" aired. On May 1, 1990 he was sentenced to 5 life terms in prison.
  • Antony Baekeland murdered his mother, Barbara Daly Baekeland on November 11, 1972, at their luxurious London apartment. She had allegedly forced him to have sex with her, in order to "cure" his homosexuality. Savage Grace is a book and a movie based on this event.
  • Serial killer Edmund Kemper beat his mother to death in 1973, along with one of his mother's friends before turning himself in to the police. He had previously committed half-a-dozen sex-murders. Kemper had been psychologically abused by his domineering mother in his youth.
  • Ronald DeFeo, Jr. killed his parents and his four siblings in what would later become known as "The Amityville Horror House" (1974)
  • Bradford Bishop allegedly bludgeoned his mother, spouse and three children to death in 1976. He was indicted for murders and remains at large.
  • Jim Gordon, a session musician who played drums with Eric Clapton band Derek and the Dominos bludgeoned his mother with a hammer and then stabbed her to death with a butcher's knife in 1983. In May 1984 he was sentenced to sixteen years to life in prison.
  • Campo Elias Delgado killed his mother and 28 others in a killing spree that ended with his death in 1986.
  • Susan Cabot, 1950s actress, was beaten to death in 1986 at her Hollywood home by her son Timothy Roman. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter.
  • Peter Lundin murdered his mother in 1991 in North Carolina. After serving his prison sentence, he moved to Denmark where he murdered his girlfriend and her two children.
  • The Menendez Brothers were convicted during a highly publicized trial in July 1996 for the shotgun killings of their parents in 1989.
  • Brett Reider, a 15-year-old boy in Omaha, Nebraska, stabbed his mother to death during a dispute in 1993. He was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced as an adult to 11–20 years. In 1996, his older sister, Alissa Reider made an HBO documentary: "Brett Killed Mom: a sister's diary", claiming both of them suffered years of constant verbal and physical abuse from their mother. Brett was released in 1999.[citation needed]
  • Aaron Brown, Indiana resident who at the age of 16 sat in wait with a shotgun until his parents came home one night, and as his mom walked through the door, he blasted her with the shotgun. He shot at his stepfather and missed, but eventually gunned him down. These crimes were committed in 1994. He is currently serving two life sentences at Indiana State Prison in Michigan City, Indiana.
  • Luke Woodham, Mississippi resident who killed his mother in June 1997 before killing two more and wounding seven others in the Pearl High School shooting. Currently serving a life sentence at the Mississippi State Penitentiary.
  • Kip Kinkel (1982– ), an Oregon boy who was convicted of killing both parents as well as killing two students at his school on May 20, 1998.
  • Dr. I. Kathleen Hagen, a prominent urologist, killed her mother and her father in August 2000 and was acquitted on the grounds of insanity.
  • Yukio Yamaji, a 16-year-old living in Japan, killed his mother in 2000. After his release, he raped and murdered a woman and her sister in 2005. He was executed by hanging in 2009.
  • Naomi Kumaoto, a 19-year-old killed her mother in 2009.
  • Dipendra of Nepal (1971–2001) reportedly massacred much of his family at a royal dinner on June 1, 2001, including his mother Queen Aiswarya, father, brother, and sister.
  • Nathan Ybanez, a 16-year-old Colorado boy, murdered his mother Julie Ybanez in June 1998.
  • Erika di Nardo killed her mother and brother in 2001. See Novi Ligure Murder
  • Sef Gonzales, an Australian man who killed his father, mother and sister in 2001.
  • Sarah Marie Johnson (1987– ), an Idaho girl who was convicted of killing both parents on the morning of September 2, 2003.
  • Daniel Petric fatally shot his mother in 2007.
  • Michael Kenneth McLendon, began the Geneva County massacre by killing his mother at their home in Alabama.
  • Jasmiyah Kaneesha Whitehead (b. November 27, 1993) and Tasmiyah Janeesha Whitehead (b. November 27, 1993) are identical twins who were convicted in 2014 for the murder of Nikki Whitehead (their mother).[2]
  • Jennifer Pan staged a home invasion that led to the November 8, 2010 murder of her mother, Bich Pan.
  • Tyler Hadley, perpetrator of the murders of his parents, had killed his mother and father with a hammer in 2011. He was sentenced to life in prison.
  • Joseph Nerone confessed to killing his mother by stabbing her multiple times on April 2, 2012.[3]
  • Noah Romando of Virginia fatally shot his mother, two siblings and himself in August 2012.
  • Zachary Davis, a 15 year old Hendersonville, Tennessee boy, murdered his mother with a sledgehammer in 2012. He was sentenced to life in prison.
  • Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting shot and killed his mother along with 20 children, 6 other adults and then himself on December 14, 2012.[4]
  • Kvissel murder, October 2014: Danish 15-year-old Lisa Borch and her 29-year-old Iraqi boyfriend Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdullah were convicted of murdering her mother in her sleep.
  • Anthony Jacob Genaro, notable white supremacist of Covington, Louisiana, killed his mother in 2019 after she refused to refill his Prozac prescription.
  • In 2018, a 12-year-old boy from Hunan, China killed his mother.[5]
  • Kathleen Kirkpatrick, a 61 year-old in Kankakee, IL, confessed to fatally stabbing her 89 year-old mother, who was a retired teacher, matriarch, and beloved member of the church she grew up in, as she slept. April, 2019.[6]

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