Marta (given name)

Marta is a female given name derived from the Aramaic name ܡܳܪܬܳܐ (Mârtâ, in Syriac script, מָרְתָא in Hebrew script), which translates as "the lady" in English. It had the male form "Martinus" in Roman culture. It has been described as a cognate of Martha.[1]

Word/nameAkkadian, Hebrew, Roman
MeaningAkkadian: "the daughter"; Hebrew: "the lady"; Roman: "dedicated to Mars"
Region of originMediterranean

The name Marta should not be confused with the similar-looking Swedish name Märta, which derives from the Greek name Margaret and means "pearl".

People with the given nameEdit

Fictional charactersEdit

  • Marta Estrella, from the television show Arrested Development.
  • Marta von Trapp, a character from The Sound of Music.
  • Marta Cabrerra, from the 2019 movie Knives Out.
  • Marta Trundel, a character from iCarly.


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