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Mariusz Zbigniew Pudzianowski (Polish pronunciation: [ˈmarjuʂ pudʑaˈnɔfskʲi]; born 7 February 1977), known in Poland as "Pudzian" and "Dominator" is a Polish former strongman competitor and current mixed martial artist. During his career as a strongman, Pudzianowski won five World's Strongest Man titles, more than any other athlete according to Guinness World Records.[2] He also won two runner-up titles. In 2009, Pudzianowski debuted as a mixed martial artist.

Mariusz Pudzianowski
Mariusz Pudzianowski 5.JPG
Pudzianowski in 2009
Born (1977-02-07) 7 February 1977 (age 42)
Biała Rawska, Poland
Other namesPudzian
Height186 cm (6 ft 1 in)[1]
Weight118 kg (260 lb) (MMA)
142 kg (313 lb)[1](Strongman)
Super Heavyweight
Fighting out ofŁódź, Poland
TeamAmerican Top Team(former), Berkut WCA Fight Team
TrainerArbi Shamaev
RankGreen belt in Kyokushin kaikan
Years active2009–present (MMA)
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout4
By submission3
By decision5
By knockout1
By submission5
No contests1
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog
last updated on: July 4, 2016
Competition record
Representing  Poland
World's Strongest Man
4th 2000 World's Strongest Man
1st 2002 World's Strongest Man
1st 2003 World's Strongest Man
Disqualified 2004 World's Strongest Man
1st 2005 World's Strongest Man
2nd 2006 World's Strongest Man
1st 2007 World's Strongest Man
1st 2008 World's Strongest Man
2nd 2009 World's Strongest Man
Arnold Strongman Classic
4th 2003 Arnold Strongman Classic
4th 2004 Arnold Strongman Classic
6th 2006 Arnold Strongman Classic
Strongman Super Series
3rd 2002 Hawaii Grand Prix
1st 2003 Hawaii Grand Prix
1st 2003 Dutch Grand Prix
2nd 2003 Canada Grand Prix
2nd 2003 Finland Grand Prix
1st 2003/4 Overall Champion
1st 2004 Moscow Grand Prix
1st 2005 Venice Beach Grand Prix
1st 2005 Moscow Grand Prix
1st 2005 Poland Grand Prix
1st 2005 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix
1st 2005 Overall Champion
1st 2006 Moscow Grand Prix
1st 2006 Poland Grand Prix
1st 2006 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix
1st 2006 Overall Champion
1st 2007 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix
2nd 2007 Venice Beach Super Series
1st 2007 Viking Power Challenge
1st 2007 Overall Champion
2nd 2008 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix
Europe's Strongest Man
1st 2002 Europe's Strongest Man
1st 2003 Europe's Strongest Man
1st 2004 Europe's Strongest Man
1st 2007 Europe's Strongest Man
1st 2008 Europe's Strongest Man
1st 2009 Europe's Strongest Man
World's Strongest Team
3rd 2002 w/Jarek Dymek
1st 2003 w/Jarek Dymek
1st 2004 w/Jarek Dymek
1st 2005 w/Slawomir Toczek
Poland's Strongest Man
1st 1999 Poland's Strongest Man
1st 2000 Poland's Strongest Man
2nd 2002 Poland's Strongest Man
1st 2003 Poland's Strongest Man
1st 2006 Poland's Strongest Man
1st 2007 Poland's Strongest Man
1st 2008 Poland's Strongest Man
1st 2009 Poland's Strongest Man
World Strongman Cup Federation
1st 2006 Overall Champion
1st 2007 Overall Champion
World Muscle Power Championships
2nd 2003 World Muscle Power Championships
World Strongman Challenge
3rd 2002 World Strongman Challenge
1st 2003 World Strongman Challenge


Early yearsEdit

Mariusz Pudzianowski was born in Biała Rawska, Poland. His father, Wojciech, was a weightlifter.[3] Pudzianowski quickly became interested in sports. Since the age of 11, he has been training the Kyokushin style of karate.[1] His current grade is 4th kyu green belt.[1] He began strength training at the age of thirteen.[1] When he was fifteen, Pudzianowski also started training boxing, quitting after seven years.[1][3] Pudzianowski debuted in professional sports at the age of sixteen, taking part in Polish Weightlifting Championship, in the bench press event.[1]


In 2000 and 2001, Pudzianowski spent 19 months in Łowicz prison for assault.[3][4] In an interview, he said he wanted to stop a "local mafia boss",[3][4] and he got accused of assault and stealing his golden chain.[3][4][4] Pudzianowski was incarcerated in prison in Łowicz.[3] Several years later he arranged a resocialization meeting for the prisoners at the same penal institution.[4]

Strongman careerEdit

Pudzianowski during a strongman competition in 2009.

On May 1, 1999 Pudzianowski entered his first Strongman competition, held in Płock, Poland.[1] He achieved his first major success at the international level at the 2000 World's Strongest Man contest where he finished fourth in his first WSM competition. Due to his prison sentence, he did not return for the 2001 competition.

Pudzianowski returned at the 2002 World's Strongest Man winning his first title, he retained his title at the 2003 World's Strongest Man by the largest margin ever achieved in the competition. In March 2004, he also became the Strongman Super Series World Champion.

He initially finished third in the 2004 World's Strongest Man but was later disqualified for breaching the governing body's Strongman Health Policy.[5] He was forced to return his prize money, stripped of the International Federation of Strength Athletes points from the event, and received a one-year ban from competition. Pudzianowski did not dispute his banned substance violation and waived his right to have his stool sample verified.[citation needed] He then returned to win the title for a third time in 2005.

In the 2006 World's Strongest Man contest, he came second to Phil Pfister. Pudzianowski regained his title in 2007, winning with one event to spare (which he had also done in 2003 and 2005). He joined Jon Pall Sigmarsson and Magnus Ver Magnusson as the only men to win the competition four times.

In the WSM 2007 competition, Pudzianowski said that his target was to become the only person to win the event five times, which he did by winning the 2008 World's Strongest Man in the very last event, ahead of Derek Poundstone. He succeeded despite a serious calf injury, which he suffered in the Polish Strongman Championship Cup of 2008 and further exacerbated during the WSM qualifying rounds, seriously threatening his chance of even reaching the final.

He competed in the 2009 World's Strongest Man competition, which took place in Malta, placing second after Žydrūnas Savickas. In an interview, Pudzianowski said he will not continue participating in strongman events, because of his career in Mixed Martial Arts, which requires a totally different training to strongman.[6]

Personal recordsEdit

Achievements as a strongmanEdit

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Professional Competitive Record – 1st (42), 2nd (7), 3rd (4) – Out of Total (59)
Performance Metric – .964 (Polish – .995, International – .953)

Professional 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th INJ DNQ Total
Polish 15 1 16
International 27 6 4 2 2 1 1 43
Combined 42 7 4 2 2 1 1 59
Completed contests
Competition Location Outcome Date
  World's Strongest Man Valletta, Malta 2nd place 2009-03-10
  World's Strongest Man Charleston, West Virginia, USA Winner 9/6-14/2008
  World Strongman Federation Grand Prix Silichy, Belarus Winner 2008-03-08
  Poland Cup Poland Winner 2008-02-08
  World Strongman Federation Grand Prix (Globe's Strongest Man) Russia Winner 2008
  Poland vs. The World Poland Winner 2008
  Mohegan Sun Super Series Grand Prix Uncasville, Connecticut, USA 2nd place 2008-01-19
  World's Strongest Man Anaheim, California, USA Winner 2007
  Svend Karlsens Viking Power Super Series Grand Prix Norway Winner 2007
  Venice Beach Super Series Grand Prix Venice Beach, California, USA 2nd place 2007
  Mohegan Sun Super Series Grand Prix Uncasville, Connecticut, USA Winner 2007
  European Championship Poland Winner 2007
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix England Winner 2007
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix Latvia Winner 2007
  World's Strongest Man Sanya, China 2nd place 2006
  Poland Super Series Grand Prix Poland Winner 2006
  Moscow Super Series Grand Prix Moscow, Russia Winner 2006
  Mohegan Sun Super Series Grand Prix Uncasville, Connecticut, USA Winner 2006
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix Russia Winner 2006
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix Poland Winner 2006
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix Latvia Winner 2006
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix Belarus Winner 2006
  Arnold's Strongest Man Columbus, Ohio, USA 6th place 2005
  World's Strongest Man Chengdu, China Winner 2005
  Poland vs. The World Poland Winner 2005
  Mohegan Sun Super Series Grand Prix Uncasville, Connecticut, USA Winner 2005
  Sweden Super Series Grand Prix Sweden Winner 2005
  Poland Super Series Grand Prix Poland Winner 2005
  Venice Beach Super Series Grand Prix Venice Beach, California, USA Winner 2005
  World Strongman Cup Grand Prix Austria Winner 2005
  Arnold's Strongest Man Columbus, Ohio, USA 4th place 2004
  World's Strongest Man Nassau, Paradise Island, The Bahamas Disqualified (originally 3rd place) 2004
  European Championship Jelenia Gora, Poland Winner 2004
  World Team Championship Plock, Poland Winner 2004
  Moscow Super Series Grand Prix Moscow, Russia Winner 2004
  Polish Cup Poland Winner 2004
  World's Strongest Man Victoria Falls, Zambia Winner 2003
  European Championship Sandomierz, Poland Winner 2003
  World Team Championship Hungary Winner 2003
  Ylitornio Challenge Finland Winner 2003
  World Record Breakers Gdynia, Poland Winner 2003
  Polish Cup Poland Winner 2003
  Arnold's Strongest Man Columbus, Ohio, USA 5th place 2003
  Finland Super Series Grand Prix Finland 2nd place 2003
  Canada Super Series Grand Prix Canada 2nd place 2003
  Holland Super Series Grand Prix Holland Winner 2003
  Hawaii Super Series Grand Prix Hawaii, USA Winner 2003
  World's Strongest Man Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Winner 2002
  Hawaii Super Series Grand Prix Hawaii, USA 3rd place 2002
  Sweden Super Series Grand Prix Sweden 5th place 2002
  European Championship Gdynia, Poland Winner 2002
  Polish Cup Poland 2nd place 2002
  World Team Championship Hungary 3rd place 2002
  World's Giants Ireland Winner 2002
  World's Strongest Man Sun City, South Africa 4th place 2000
  Helsinki Grand Prix Finland 10th place 2000
  World Team Championship Hungary 2nd place 2000
  World Cup Grand Prix Poland Winner 2000
  World Team Championship China 3rd place 1999
  Polish Cup Poland Winner 1999

Mixed martial artsEdit

In 2009, Pudzianowski signed a contract with Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki – a Polish mixed martial arts organization – to take part in four fights.[8]

He debuted as a mixed martial arts fighter on December 11, 2009, during the KSW 12 event in Warsaw, Poland, winning against Marcin Najman, a professional boxer (who, at that time, was also a MMA newcomer).[8][9] Pudzianowski started throwing low kicks soon after the fight began. After several hits, Najman fell to the mat and Pudzianowski started delivering punches (a tactic known as ground-and-pound).[9] Najman was forced to tap the mat, indicating he wanted to end the fight, which lasted for only 43 seconds.[8][9] Before the fight Mariusz said: "Lewa ręka niesie za sobą śmierć, a prawej sam się boję." (English: "The left hand brings death, but the right one even I am afraid of.") [10][11] Pudzianowski collected 200,000 złoty (US$70,000) for the fight.[8]

On May 7, 2010, during the KSW 13 event, Pudzianowski won his second fight, against Yusuke Kawaguchi.[12][13] The fight lasted two full rounds, with Pudzianowski winning by judges' decision. The fight was described as a "sloppy brawl".[13] It was noted Pudzianowski had control over most of the fight, but was "neutralized" by Kawaguchi, and that, by the second round, he was looking "to be out of energy and breathing heavily".[12]

On May 21, 2010, Pudzianowski went on to participate in the Moosin: God of Martial Arts event, where he fought former two time UFC Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia. Pudzianowski fractured his metatarsus during the first round and then went on to deplete his stamina during the rest of the fight, which ultimately led to Sylvia defeating him via submission at 1:43 of round 2.[14][15]

Following his loss to Sylvia in May, Pudzianowski signed to face former heavyweight boxer and kickboxer Eric Esch, better known as 'Butterbean', at KSW 14 on September 18. After several brief standup exchanges, Pudzianowski secured a takedown early in the fight and was then able to dominate Esch with ground and pound. Esch, unable to get back to his feet during the attack, tapped out to the strikes, making Pudzianowski the winner by submission at 1:15 of the first round. He came into the fight notably slimmer, having lost around 20 lbs from his previous fight. Many believe his large muscle mass to have caused his stamina problems in his earlier fights.[16]

On May 21, 2011 Pudzianowski fought James Thompson at KSW XVI, losing by arm triangle.

In September 2011 Mariusz Pudzianowski started professional training in the well known MMA camp in the USA – American Top Team.

Pudzianowski fought on the KSW XVII event, which was held on November 26, 2011. He faced James Thompson in a rematch.[17] He won the fight via majority decision. This decision caused controversy as Thompson had virtually full control in both rounds, and after the fight Thompson, who was clearly angered by the decision, took the microphone from the announcer and launched a verbal assault directed at the promotion in which he ranted: "Fucking joke. Give Mariusz a big round of applause. Come on. What a fucking joke. I thought KSW was really trying to be serious. If you can watch that back and call that serious, then (looking at the promoter) you're fucked, and KSW is going down the fucking toilet." Two days later the promotion changed the result to a No Contest. During a conference held on November 28, the ruling was deemed to be a "judge's error" and the fight result was changed.

Mariusz's next opponent was Bob Sapp. The fight took place in Lodz, Poland on KSW 19.[18] Mariusz won via a TKO in the first round, battering Sapp with a barrage of punching and securing a takedown followed with more punches to win just 39 seconds into the fight.

Mariusz then faced Christos Piliafas on September 15 in the main event of KSW 20.[19] Mariusz won via TKO in the first round, after dominating Piliafas on his feet, he then secured a takedown followed by posturing up and raining down some ground and pound to win at 3:48 seconds into the fight. June 8 Pudzianowski fought Sean McCorkle at KSW 23 and Pudzianowski lost in the first round by kimura submission. Pudzianowski and McCorkle fought again in a rematch on September 28 at KSW 24 and Mariusz Pudzianowski won by unanimous decision. After the second fight with Mariusz Pudzianowski, Sean McCorkle expressed interest in a third fight.[20]

On May 17, 2014, Pudzianowski defeated Oli Thompson via a 2nd round unanimous decision. During the fight, Pudzianowski was able to gain points by controlling the entire fight through landing punches and securing multiple takedowns of Oli Thompson in both rounds eventually leading to his victory. At the end, Thompson requested a rematch, to which Pudzianowski agreed.[21]

On December 6, 2014, Pudzianowski defeated the olympic veteran Paweł Nastula via unanimous decision on KSW 29's co-main event. It was his third win in a row.[22]

Pudzianowski next fought Rolles Gracie Jr. in KSW 31, on May 23, 2015 in Gdańsk, Poland. He defeated him via KO in the 1st round.[23] On Oct 31, 2015 Pudzianowski lost to Peter Graham via TKO in the second round. And then on May 27, 2016 in KSW 35 against Marcin Rozalski, he lost also in the second round this time by guillotine choke. In his next fight in KSW 37 on Dec 03, 2016 Pudzianowski defeated Pawel Mikolajuw with TKO in the first round. On May 27, 2017 in KSW 39 Pudzianowski defeated Tyberiusz Kowalczyk via submission to punches in the second round. Pudzianowski was expected to face James McSweeney in KSW 40 on October 22, 2017. However, he eventually faced Jay Silva and won by majority decision.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Professional record breakdown
20 matches 12 wins 7 losses
By knockout 4 2
By submission 3 5
By decision 5 0
No contests 1
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 12–7 (1) Szymon Kołecki TKO (Leg Injury) KSW 47: The X-Warriors March 23, 2019 1 4:29 Łódź, Poland
Loss 12–6 (1) Karol Bedorf Submission (kimura) KSW 44: The Game June 9, 2018 1 1:51 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 12–5 (1) Jay Silva Decision (majority) KSW 40: Dublin October 22, 2017 3 5:00 Dublin, Ireland
Win 11–5 (1) Tyberiusz Kowalczyk Submission (strikes) KSW 39: Colosseum May 27, 2017 2 2:50 Warsaw, Poland
Win 10–5 (1) Paweł Mikołajuw TKO (punches) KSW 37: Circus of Pain December 3, 2016 1 1:20 Kraków, Poland
Loss 9–5 (1) Marcin Różalski Submission (guillotine choke) KSW 35: Khalidov vs. Karaoglu May 27, 2016 2 1:46 Gdańsk/Sopot, Poland
Loss 9–4 (1) Peter Graham TKO (punches and elbows) KSW 32: Road To Wembley October 31, 2015 2 2:00 London, England
Win 9–3 (1) Rolles Gracie Jr. KO (punch) KSW 31 May 23, 2015 1 0:27 Gdańsk, Poland Knockout of the Night.
Win 8–3 (1) Paweł Nastula Decision (unanimous) KSW 29 December 6, 2014 3 3:00 Kraków, Poland
Win 7–3 (1) Oli Thompson Decision (unanimous) KSW 27 May 17, 2014 2 5:00 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 6–3 (1) Sean McCorkle Decision (unanimous) KSW 24 September 28, 2013 2 5:00 Łódź, Poland
Loss 5–3 (1) Sean McCorkle Submission (kimura) KSW 23 June 8, 2013 1 1:57 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 5–2 (1) Christos Piliafas TKO (punches) KSW 20 September 15, 2012 1 3:48 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 4–2 (1) Bob Sapp TKO (punches) KSW 19 May 12, 2012 1 0:39 Łódź, Poland
NC 3–2 (1) James Thompson NC (overturned) KSW 17: Revenge November 26, 2011 2 5:00 Łódź, Poland Original decision win; result overturned due to a judging error.
Loss 3–2 James Thompson Submission (arm-triangle choke) KSW 16: Khalidov vs. Lindland May 21, 2011 2 1:06 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 3–1 Eric Esch Submission (punches) KSW 14: Judgment Day September 18, 2010 1 1:15 Łódź, Poland
Loss 2-1 Tim Sylvia Submission (punches) Moosin: God of Martial Arts May 21, 2010 2 1:43 Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Win 2–0 Yusuke Kawaguchi Decision (unanimous) KSW 13: Kumite May 7, 2010 2 5:00 Katowice, Poland
Win 1–0 Marcin Najman Submission (punches) KSW 12: Pudzianowski vs. Najman December 11, 2009 1 0:43 Warsaw, Poland

Outside professional sportsEdit


On May 27, 2008 Pudzianowski graduated with a master's degree in international relations. His thesis was: "Organizational culture in sports marketing in the world".[24]


In an interview in 2009 Mariusz said that he treats the sport as a hobby. He is not doing it for money, as the money is relatively low in Strongman and MMA (he said that the winner of World's Strongest Man can get US$60,000, and the winner of Grand Prix in the US can get anywhere from US$100,000 to $150,000). He owns a very successful company (a school for bodyguards) and various real estates. Those are his main sources of money.[25] Pudzianowski also owns a truck cargo company named Pudzianowski Transport.[26]

Musical careerEdit

Pudzianowski often appears as a guest singer in the musical group Pudzian Band, formed by his brother Krystian. Their first single "Zdobyć świat", was released in 2006. In 2009, the group released an album, Dawaj na ring (Go, hit the ring).[27]

Celebrity statusEdit

In 2008, Pudzianowski took part in the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars in his native Poland.[28] He advanced to the final episode, but ultimately finished second, losing to actress Magdalena Walach.[29] Pudzianowski is currently a contestant in the 1st season of the singing reality show Just the Two of Us in Poland.[30] He is coupled with former Ich Troje singer Anna Wiśniewska.


Pudzianowski is also a keen amateur rugby union player,[31][32] and plays with Blachy Pruszyński Budowlani Łódź.[citation needed]

Strongman dietEdit

Pudzianowski is liberal with his diet and is often seen eating chocolate, ice cream or burgers.[33][34] On one of the World Strongman events shown on TV, and an interview for MTV, when asked about his diet he said: "I eat everything. I do not follow any particular diet. I eat anything I want, anytime I want".[35]

My energy comes from my diet. Breakfast is 10 eggs and two to three pounds of bacon. Between meals, I eat lots of candy. In the morning, it will be several 3 Musketeers and/or Snickers bars; I need them for energy. Lunch, at 1 or 2 PM, is a double meal of a Polish pork chop, sauerkraut and potatoes. An hour later, I work out, then take lots of supplements: magnesium, creatine, amino acids, all that stuff, and more chocolate. Dinner is whatever meat I can grab—steaks, pork chops, bacon—plus more sauerkraut and potatoes. At 9 or 10 PM, I work out again. Afterward, I have a protein shake and more chocolate. At 3 or 4 AM, I wake up and have more chocolate, then go back to sleep until morning.[citation needed]

He said for MTV that he prefers Polish cuisine. When he has some time he often cooks himself, as he does not particularly fancy meals from restaurants. He often eats bigos, Polish soups, Polish sausages and typical Polish dinners with cooked potatoes, 200–300 g of meat and some salads (usually cucumber salad).[35]

In an interview at the beginning of his world strongman career he said that his supplements, training, massages, etc. costs him approximately 6000 złoty (ca. US 2,000) per month.[36]


  • "Dominator" – an energy drink using Pudzianowski's profile is being distributed in Poland.
  • Mariusz appeared in a Met-rx commercial which aired during the U.S. broadcast of the 2007 World's Strongest Man contest.

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