Margaret of Bohemia, Burgravine of Nuremberg

Margaret of Bohemia (29 September 1373 – 4 June 1410) was the younger daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and his fourth wife Elizabeth of Pomerania. Her siblings included Anne of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund.


In 1381, Margaret married John III, Burgrave of Nuremberg. The marriage only produced one child:

Margaret died in 1410, aged thirty-six, and her husband died ten years later in 1420; he did not remarry after Margaret's premature death.

Her daughter Elizabeth gave birth to a granddaughter, also called Elizabeth. The younger Elizabeth was engaged to Albert III, Duke of Bavaria, but instead married John III of Werdenberg.

Margaret of Bohemia, Burgravine of Nuremberg
Born: 19 September 1373 Died: 4 June 1410
German nobility
Title last held by
Elisabeth of Meissen
Burgravine of Nuremberg
1397 – 4 June 1410
Succeeded by
New title
Division of inheritance
from Frederick V
Margravine of Brandenburg-Kulmbach
21 January 1398 – 4 June 1410
Title next held by
Elisabeth of Bavaria