Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania

Bogislaw V (Polish: Bogusław, Latin: Bogislaus) (c. 1318 – 23 April 1374), sometimes known as the Great[1] (Polish: Bogusław V Wielki), was a Duke of Pomerania.

Bogislaw V
Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast
Reign1 August 1326 – 23 April 1374
PredecessorWartislaw IV
SuccessorCasimir IV
Duke of Pomerania-Stolp
Reign1368 – 23 April 1374
SuccessorCasimir IV
Prince of Rügen
Reign1 August 1326 – 23 April 1374
PredecessorWartislaw IV
SuccessorBogislaw VI
Wartislaw VI
Bornc. 1318
Died(1374-04-23)23 April 1374
Belbuck Monastery
German: Bogislaw V von Pommern
Polish: Bogusław V pomorski
HouseHouse of Griffins
FatherWartislaw IV, Duke of Pomerania
MotherElisabeth of Lindow-Ruppin

Eldest son of Duke Wartislaw IV and Elisabeth of Lindow-Ruppin,[2] Bogislaw had two brothers, Barnim IV and Wartislaw V. The brothers were joint rulers from their father's death in 1326. They allied with King Casimir III of Poland, whose daughter Elisabeth married Bogislaw, against the Teutonic Order. Elisabeth died in 1361; in 1362 Bogislaw married Adelheid Welf, daughter of Ernest I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen.

The death of Barnim in 1366 led to a quarrel between Bogislaw and Wartislaw, which was settled by a treaty in 1368 partitioning Pomerania between Bogislaw V, Wartislaw V, and Barnim's sons, Bogislaw VI and Wartislaw VI. Bogislaw received most of the Farther Pomeranian parts of Pomerania-Wolgast, thence Pomerania-Stolp (named after the town of Stolp, now Słupsk). Wartislaw received the Neustettin (now Szczecinek) area, and the sons of Barnim received North-Western Pomerania with Rügen and Usedom.

Bogislaw's daughter Elisabeth married the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, King of Bohemia in 1363 and he concluded an alliance with his son-in-law in 1370.

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On 28 February 1343, Bogislaw married his first wife Elisabeth of Poland.[3] She was a daughter of Casimir III of Poland and his first wife Aldona of Lithuania. They had two children:

Elisabeth died in 1361. In 1362, Bogislaw V married his second wife Adelheid of Brunswick-Grubenhagen. She was a daughter of Ernest I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen and Adelheid of Everstein. They had four children:

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Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania
Born: c. 1318 Died: 23 April 1374
Preceded by Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast
New division Duke of Pomerania-Stolp
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