Maravatío is a municipality in the Mexican state of Michoacán, representing 1.17% of its land area, or 691.55 km2.

Official seal of Maravatío
Maravatío is located in Mexico
Location of Maravatío
Coordinates: 19°53′51.33″N 100°26′59.99″W / 19.8975917°N 100.4499972°W / 19.8975917; -100.4499972Coordinates: 19°53′51.33″N 100°26′59.99″W / 19.8975917°N 100.4499972°W / 19.8975917; -100.4499972
Country Mexico
Municipal seatMaravatío de Ocampo
 • Municipal presidentJaime Hinojosa Campa
 • Total691.55 km2 (267.01 sq mi)
2,036 m (6,680 ft)
 • Total80,258
 • Density120/km2 (300/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-5 (CDT)


The modern word Maravatío comes from the Purépecha word Marhabatio, meaning a precious place or thing.


Neighboring locations include Guanajuato to the north; Contepec and Tlalpujahua to the east; Senguio, Irimbo, and Ciudad Hidalgo to the south; and Zinapécuaro to the west.


The economy of Maravatío is primarily agricultural in nature, focusing on the production of strawberries, corn, beans, potatoes, wheat, and tomatoes. The municipality also has a herd of cattle with some economic importance, industries focused on the fabrication of ornamental ironwork, as well as business sectors.

Maravatío city center, with the tower of the parish church in the distance.

Tourist attractionsEdit

Some of the principal places of interest to tourists in the municipality are the following:

  • The Parish Church of San Juan Bautista
  • Hacienda de Pomoca (the place where Melchor Ocampo lived)
  • El Teatro Morelos (the Morelos Theater)
  • El Mirador (the viewpoint)

The city contains the parochial temple of San Juan Bautista, built in the baroque style in the 16th century, as well as the chapel of the Immaculate Conception, in the mudéjar style; the chapel of the Lord of the Column; the Chapel of Saint Michael Archangel, in San Miguel Curahuango; the temple of Saint Mary, in Ziritzícuaro; and the temple of Uripitío.

The colonial Mirador in the town centre.

Also of interest are the former haciendas of Apeo that were the property of Don Mateo Echaíz de Santa Elena in 1857; the house where Don Miguel Hidalgo stayed, near Independence Gate; the railway station, at which trains first arrived in 1883; and the Morelos Theater, constructed in the Porfirio Díaz era, which was inaugurated with a performance by the soprano Ángela Peralta.

Maravatío is a good base for visiting monarch butterfly sanctuaries between October and March, and there are many hot springs near the city suitable for bathing.

Along with tourists attractions, there are many places to enjoy a delicious meal, fruit, or desserts at a very low price.


Maravatio coach station

Coaches run by several different companies run to and from Maravatio, connecting nearby towns like Atlacomulco and Ciudad Hidalgo, cities further afield such as Mexico City, Morelia and Querétaro, and international destinations like Atlanta, El Paso and Immokalee.

The nearest airport is Morelia International Airport.


Executive power in the municipality is vested in the presidente municipal or municipal president. The following table lists Maravatío's past executives:[1]

Term Municipal President Political party
1972 Guillermo Calderón Díaz Institutional Revolutionary Party
1972-1974 Salvador Olvera Quintero Institutional Revolutionary Party
1975-1977 Moisés Aguilar Monroy Institutional Revolutionary Party
1978-1980 José Coronel Zamudio Institutional Revolutionary Party
1981-1982 Florencio Alcantar Mejía Institutional Revolutionary Party
1983 Cuauhtémoc Núñez Institutional Revolutionary Party
1984-1986 Antonio Cruz Melo Institutional Revolutionary Party
1987-1989 Carlos Torroella Institutional Revolutionary Party
1990-1992 Cresenciano Hernández Party of the Democratic Revolution
1993-1995 Raúl Fierros Fierros Institutional Revolutionary Party
1996-1998 Mario Cruz Andrade Party of the Democratic Revolution
1999-2001 José Jaime Hinojosa Campa Party of the Democratic Revolution
2002-2004 Ignacio Montoya Marin Party of the Democratic Revolution
2005-2007 José Jaime Hinojosa Campa Party of the Democratic Revolution
2008-2011 Roberto Flores Bautista
2012–2014 Guillermo Corona López
2015–2017 Jose Luis Abad Bautista
2018–present Jaime Hinojosa Campa

Famous peopleEdit

  • Cayetano Gómez de Soria y Piñón (1791-?). Entrepreneur and landowner. A person of Spanish ancestry born in Mexico with humble beginnings, who began buying property at an early age until becoming one of the most important owners of haciendas in Michoacán.


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