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The Mansudae Assembly Hall is the seat of the Supreme People's Assembly, the unicameral legislature of North Korea.[2][3] It is located in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang and sits adjacent to the Korean Revolution Museum.

Mansudae Assembly Hall
Mansudae Assembly Hall.JPG
The east side view of the Mansudae Assembly Hall
General information
Town or cityPyongyang
CountryNorth Korea
Coordinates39°01′43″N 125°44′58″E / 39.02861°N 125.74944°E / 39.02861; 125.74944Coordinates: 39°01′43″N 125°44′58″E / 39.02861°N 125.74944°E / 39.02861; 125.74944
Current tenantsSupreme People's Assembly
CompletedOctober 1984[1]
OwnerNorth Korean Government
Technical details
Floor area45,000 square metres (480,000 sq ft)
Other information
Seating capacity2,000[1]
Number of rooms200+[1]

Facilities include a main meeting hall covering an area of 4,300 square metres (46,000 sq ft) with 2,000 seats for parliament members as well as a simultaneous interpretation system in the hall which has the capacity of translating ten foreign languages at a time.[1]

The building is based on Soviet architectural influences with some Korean elements.


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