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Mannvit Engineering is the largest engineering firm[1] in Iceland. Mannvit offers engineering, consulting, management, operational and EPCM services to projects all over the world. Mannvit core activities include: geothermal and hydroelectric power development, geothermal district heating, infrastructure and transportation, buildings, renewable energy and climate, power transmission, industry, IT and telecommunications. Company headquarters are in Kópavogur, Iceland.

Mannvit Engineering
Private Limited Company
IndustryEngineering, renewable energy, sciences and project delivery
FoundedIceland (1963)
HeadquartersKópavogur, Iceland
Key people
Eyjólfur Árni Rafnsson, CEO
Sigurður Arnalds, Chairman
Revenue6.05 billion ISK (2010)
Number of employees
400 (2009)



Founded in 2008, Mannvit[2] is the result of the merger of three long-established engineering companies that were all founded in the 1960s: Hönnun hf., VGK hf. and Rafhönnun hf.

The word 'Mannvit'[3] is an ancient Nordic word, from the Icelandic Sagas meaning Wisdom (literally man-wits).


The management team includes a CEO, Two Deputy CEO’s, CFO, Business Development Manager, and Human Resource Manager. This team is the head of the organizational structure which includes all engineering sectors both domestic and international. Mannvit also utilizes division managers responsible for each core discipline offered by the company.


Mannvit Engineering is a consulting engineering firm that specializes in geothermal,[4] geothermal district heating, hydroelectric, power transmission as well as other renewable energies and environmentally-friendly processes, such as biofuels[5] and biogas,[6] anaerobic digester systems,[7] waste management,[8] CO2 sequestration,[9] carbon dioxide to methanol,[10] and large scale composting.[11] Additionally, the company has been involved in numerous large scale projects including, aluminum smelters, shopping malls, public and private buildings, tunnels, roads, bridges, highways and airports. Services to these projects include planning, engineering, environmental services, procurement, construction management, project management and EPCM.


Mannvit has participated in the development of most of the geothermal power plants in Iceland, including: Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant[12] (Combined Heat and Power/Cogeneration/CHP), Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant[13] (CHP), Krafla Geothermal Power Plant, Bjarnaflag Geothermal Power Plant, Husavik Kalina Cycle Geothermal Power Plant[14] and the Svartsengi Geothermal Power Plant. Recent international projects include geothermal development in Hungary[15] on behalf of Pannergy.


Mannvit has participated in numerous hydroelectric development projects in Iceland[16] and Greenland. Examples include: Karahnujukar hydroelectric power plant in (690 MW), Vatnsfell Power Station (90MW), Búrfellsstöð hydroelectric power plant (270 MW), Hverfisfljóts small hydroelectric power station (3MW), Múlavirkjun small hydroelectric power station (6MW), Djúpadalsvirkjun small hydroelectric power station (2MW), Tasiilaq small hydroelectric plant (1.2W), Amassalik, Greenland, Qorlortorsuaq small hydroelectric power station (8MW), Greenland.


Business UnitsEdit

Affiliated CompaniesEdit

  • Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers, Reykjavík, Iceland[20]
  • GTN, Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH, Germany[21]
  • HRV Engineering, Reykjavík, Iceland[22]
  • Loftmyndir ehf., Reykjavík, Iceland[23]
  • Land & Water Resource Consultants, Ltd., U.K.[24]
  • GTN Latin America, Chile[25]


Technip – Partner for U.S. geothermal development[26]


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