Manitoba Liberal Party candidates in the 1999 Manitoba provincial election

One member of the Manitoba Liberal Party was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba in the 1999 provincial election. Some of the party's candidates have their own biography pages; information about others may be found here.

Bob Brigden (Arthur-Virden) Edit

Brigden is a farmer near Melita, Manitoba.[1] He was elected as a councillor in the Rural Municipality of Brenda in 1998, and was the first declared candidate for the 1999 Progressive Conservative nomination in Arthur-Virden. He later withdrew from that contest, and sought and won the Liberal Party nomination instead.[2] Newspaper accounts do not indicate why he changed parties in the buildup to the campaign. Brigden did not stand for re-election to council in 2002.

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1998 RM Brenda municipal Council n/a 59 70.24 1/2 himself
1999 provincial Arthur-Virden Liberal 1,281 14.97 3/3 Larry Maguire, Progressive Conservative

J. Deborah Shiloff (Assiniboia) Edit

Shiloff is a neuroscientist, a Scientific Support Officer at the National Research Council of Canada's Winnipeg Institute for Biodiagnostics, and a member of the Neuroethics New Emerging Team (NET).[3] She received 1,136 votes (11.56%) in the 1999 election, finishing third against New Democratic Party candidate Jim Rondeau.

Peter Logan (Brandon East) Edit

Logan has campaigned for Brandon City Council on two occasions. He sold computerized cash register systems in 1999, and could not campaign full-time until the last two weeks of the election.[4] He later became president of the federal Liberal Party riding association in Brandon—Souris, and was one of Paul Martin's nominators for the party leadership in 2003.[5] Logan supported Michael Ignatieff's leadership bid in 2006.[6]

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1995 Brandon Council, Ward Ten n/a 204 2/3 Don Jessiman
1999 provincial Brandon East Liberal 453 5.74 4/4 Drew Caldwell, New Democratic Party
2002 Brandon Council, Ward Ten n/a 538 2/3 Don Jessiman

Lisa Roy (Brandon West) Edit

Roy (now Lisa Blixhavn) is a teacher, and an active curler. She led the 1998 Manitoba women's junior champions at the 1998 Canadian Junior Curling Championships in Calgary, Alberta, and was a member of the runner-up team in the 2005 women's provincial curling championship.[7] She has remained active in the sport after suffering a serious eye injury in a 2005 accident.[8]

Roy was a university student during the 1999 campaign.[9] She received 407 votes (4.09%), finishing third against New Democratic Party candidate Scott Smith.

Chris Hlady (Concordia) Edit

Hlady has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Manitoba. He has been a comic book illustrator, and has done video work.[10] He received 444 votes (5.47%) in 1999, finishing third against New Democratic Party leader Gary Doer.

Malli Aulakh (Fort Whyte) Edit

Aulakh was one of five candidates for the federal Liberal Party nomination for Winnipeg South in 1993. He was eliminated after the first ballot and gave his support to rival candidate Reg Alcock, the eventual winner (WFP, 25 March 1993). He later attempted to challenge Kevin Lamoureux for the Winnipeg Centre Liberal nomination in 2000, but was unable to do so when the party ruled he had missed a filing deadline (WFP, 30 September 2000).

He received 1,202 votes (11.45%) in the 1999 election, finishing third against Progressive Conservative John Loewen. In 2003, Aulakh was named to the board of directors of the Winnipeg Public Library (WFP, 24 March 2003).

Vic Wieler (Kirkfield Park) Edit

Wieler campaigned ran for the Manitoba legislature in the 1995 provincial election, and finished second against Progressive Conservative incumbent Eric Stefanson. He campaigned against Stefanson again in the 1999 election, and finished third.

In 2000, he was nominated as that Liberal candidate for a by-election in Kirkfield Park against new Progressive Conservative Party Stuart Murray. He finished second with 2,158 votes (26.64%).

Previously a high-school principal, Wieler had become a financial planner by the time of the 2000 by-election. He was also president of the Rotary-Club of Winnipeg Assiniboine at the time of the by-election (Winnipeg Free Press, 11 May 2000). In 2003, he became a director of the Mennonite Central Committee's Furniture Thrift Store (Winnipeg Free Press, 12 November 2003).

Ajay Chopra (Point Douglas) Edit

Chopra was awarded the National Indo-Canadian Council Distinguished Youth Entrepreneurship Award in 1998. He was 22 years old at the time of the 1999 election, and finished a credible second against New Democratic Party incumbent George Hickes with 1,336 votes (21.35%).

Chopra was a special assistant to the federal Minister of Justice and Attorney General in 2002, and worked on Phil Fontaine's campaign to lead the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) in 2003. Although he is not himself aboriginal, Chopra currently serves as the AFN's intergovernmental affairs advisor.

Betty Ann Watts (Radisson) Edit

Watts was candidate for the Manitoba Liberal Party in two elections, 1999 in Radisson and 2003 in Transcona. Watts was a trustee in the Transcona-Springfield School Division from 1989 to 1998, and served as its chair prior to the 1998 municipal election (in which she was not a candidate). She supported greater parental involvement in school activities, and played an organizational role in Ukrainian language bilingualism programs.[11] In 1996, she was elected chair of the Manitoba Multicultural Resources Centre.[12] She has also worked as Managing Editor for The Cottager magazine, and coordinated the 2007 Magazines Mean Business conference.[13]

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1989 municipal Transcona-Springfield School Division, Ward One n/a 2,112 23.91 2/5 Mary Andree, herself and Wally Stoyko
1992 municipal Transcona-Springfield School Division, Ward One n/a 2,595 16.73 2/8 Mary Andree, herself and Colleen Carswell
1995 municipal Transcona-Springfield School Division, Ward One n/a 2,645 16.89 3/8 Colleen Carswell, Mary Andree and herself
1999 provincial Radisson Liberal 1,136 12.02 3/3 Marianne Cerilli, New Democratic Party
2003 provincial Transcona Liberal 1,024 16.12 2/3 Daryl Reid, New Democratic Party

Cecilia Connelly (Rossmere) Edit

Connelly has been a frequent candidate for the Liberal Party in the Rossmere constituency. Her poor showing in 1999 may be explained by the fact that the New Democratic and Progressive Conservative parties were engaged in a tightly-fought contest, with both parties siphoning Liberal support.

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1986 provincial Rossmere Liberal 1,108 3/3 Vic Schroeder, New Democratic Party
1988 provincial Rossmere Liberal 2,851 3/4 Harold Neufeld, Progressive Conservative
1995 provincial Rossmere Liberal 875 9.31 3/3 Vic Toews, Progressive Conservative
1999 provincial Rossmere Liberal 396 3.82 3/4 Harry Schellenberg, New Democratic Party

Vibart C. Stewart (Transcona) Edit

Stewart and his wife helped supply replacement workers to the Tache Nursing Centre in 1996, at a time with the centre's employees were on strike. Vibart's wife, ironically, was herself one of the strikers.[14] He received 713 votes (8.10%) in 1999, finishing third against New Democratic Party incumbent Daryl Reid.

Rochelle Zimberg (Tuxedo) Edit

Rochelle Zimberg has a master's degree in international relations theoryt. She was executive director of the Manitoba Association of Urban Municipalities during the 1990s,[15] and argued in 1993 that the provincial Municipal Act was out of date and in need of revision.[16] She later sought a balanced approach on the use of Video Lottery Terminal revenues by municipal governments.[17] In 1997, she was appointed to an advisory committee overseeing the distribution of the Canadian Red Cross, Manitoba Flood Appeal Fund.[18] She was inducted into the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Roll of Honour in 1999.[19] Zimberg placed third against Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon in 1999'. after the original Liberal candidate stood from the contest.[20] ms Zimberg ran again in 2000 and came in second to the conservative candidate.

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1999 provincial Tuxedo Liberal 1,391 14.19 3/4 Gary Filmon, Progressive Conservative
provincial by-election, 21 November 2000 Tuxedo Liberal 1,586 2/3 Heather Stefanson, Progressive Conservative

Footnotes Edit

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