1995 Winnipeg municipal election

The 1995 Winnipeg municipal election was held on October 25, 1995 to elect a mayor, councillors and school trustees in the city of Winnipeg.

Susan Thompson defeated Peter Kaufmann and Terry Duguid in the mayoral contest.



1995 Winnipeg municipal election, Mayor of Winnipegedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
Susan Thompson 83,036 38.30
Peter Kaufmann 69,601 32.10
Terry Duguid 58,656 27.05
Nick Ternette 1,782 0.82
Theresa Ducharme 1,669 0.77
Natalie Pollock 1,079 0.50
Michael Grieger 1,007 0.46
Total valid votes 216,830 100.00


1995 Winnipeg municipal election, Councillor, Elmwood Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
(x)Lillian Thomas 4,005 37.77
Ray Brunka 3,127 29.49
Henry McDonald 1,742 16.43
Ed Mullis 745 7.02
Stefan Sigurdson 535 5.04
Michael Keating 451 4.25
Total valid votes 10,605 100.00
  • Ed Mullis worked as a tax specialist in Montreal before leaving to work in Winnipeg's Union Gospel Mission in 1987.[1] He later founded Forward House Ministries, and became the chaplain at Winnipeg International Airport.[2] He ran for city council in 1995 at age 50, arguing that schools would need to teach morality to counter the threat of youth street crime.[3] He supported curfews, and floated the possibility of "boot camps". Mullis indicated that he was not a member of any political party.[4] He is a Christian and a Biblical literalist, and has spoken of his personal opposition to homosexuality and the ordination of women.[5]
  • Stefan Sigurdson was a fifty-year-old painting and decorating contractor. He called for provincial lottery profits to be used to reduce property taxes and finance infrastructure. He also called for the contracting out of municipal services.[6]
  • Michael Keating was a 34-year-old employee in Revenue Canada's tax department. He called for a crackdown on welfare cheats. and for the contracting out of municipal services.[7]

1995 Winnipeg municipal election, City Councillor, St. Boniface Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
Dan Vandal 10,036 56.90
(x)Evelyne Reese 7,603 43.10
Total valid votes 17,639 100.00
  • Former councillor George Provost initially sought election for this ward, but withdrew from the campaign before election day.[6]

1995 Winnipeg municipal election, Councillor, Transcona Wardedit
Candidate Total votes % of total votes Notes
Shirley Timm-Rudolph 6,506 40.00
(x)Rick Boychuk 5,009 30.80
Bill Lyons 3,290 20.23
Gerald Basarab 967 5.95
Tyrone Alzubaidi 492 3.03
Total valid votes 16,264 100.00
  • Tyrone Alzubaidi was 32 years old at the time of the election, and was a service station operator. He said he was running because many residents disapproved of Rick Boychuk's job performance.[8]

School trusteesEdit

Transcona-Springfield School DivisionEdit

1995 Winnipeg election, Transcona-Springfield School Division, Ward One (three members elected)
Candidate Total votes % of total votes
(x)Colleen Carswell 3,166 20.21
(x)Mary Andree 2,766 17.66
(x)Betty Ann Watts 2,645 16.89
Gerald Basarab 2,184 13.94
Linda Collette 1,758 11.22
Kim Milne 1,295 8.27
Royce Hanson 1,118 7.14
Linda Regey 731 4.67
Total valid votes 15,663 100.00

Electors could vote for three candidates. Percentages are determined in relation to the total number of votes.


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