Mangkunegara VII

Prince Mangkunagara VII of a noble house of Hadiwijayan Kaliabu Solo was ruler of the Mangkunegaran Palace and lands in Surakarta in Central Java in Indonesia from 1916 to 1944, reigning during both World Wars. This first Scouting organization in Indonesia was established on the initiative of Sri Paduka Mangkunagara VII in 1916. Noto Soeroto served as his personal secretary.

Prince / Duke
COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De vorst Pangeran Adipati Ario Mangkoe Negoro VII TMnr 10001303.jpg
PredecessorMangkunegara VI
SuccessorMangkunegara VIII
Noble familyHadiwijayan Kaliabu
FatherMangkunegara V

The building in which the National Press Monument is now housed was constructed in 1918 under the orders of Mangkunegara VII, as a society building and meeting hall. It was known as Sociëteit "Sasana Soeka"[1] and designed by Mas Abu Kasan Atmodirono.[2]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by Ruler of Mangkunegaran
1916 – 1944
Succeeded by