Mamuju Regency

Mamuju Regency is a regency (Indonesian: kabupaten Mamuju) of West Sulawesi province, Indonesia. The capital is Mamuju, which is also the capital of West Sulawesi. The population of the regency was 336,879 at the 2010 Census, but it was substantially reduced by the creation of the new Central Mamuju Regency which was cut out of it in 2012. The reduced Mamuju Regency covers an area of 4999.69 km2 and had a population of 265,198 at the 2015 Census; the latest official estimate is 297,096 in 2019.[2]

Mamuju Regency
Official seal of Mamuju Regency
Lokasi Sulawesi Barat Kabupaten Mamuju.svg
ProvinceWest Sulawesi
 • RegentSuhardi Duka
 • Vice RegentBustamin Bausat
 • Total1,930.39 sq mi (4,999.69 km2)
 • Total297,096
 • Density150/sq mi (59/km2)
Time zoneUTC+8 (Indonesia Central Time)

Uranium sitesEdit

Mamuju Regency has high potential uranium sites with radioactivity of ~250 nsv per year as same as at Pocos de Caldas, Brazil. The highest potential uranium site at hill of Takandeang village about 40 kilometers from Mamuju City has radioactivity 2,000-3,000 nsw per hour.[3]


The regency is divided into eleven districts (kecamatan), tabulated below with their 2010 Census population.

Name Population
Census 2010[4]
Tapalang 18,083
Tapalang Barat
(West Tapalang)
Mamuju 55,105
Simboro 23,200
Balabalakang 2,347
Kulukku 49,250
Papalang 21,395
Sampaga 13,986
Tommo 19,407
Kalumpang 10,800
Bonehau 8,622


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