Mallinātha Sūri

Mallinātha Sūri was an eminent critic, known for his commentaries on five mahakavyas (great compositions) of Sanskrit. During his times, he is said to have received the titles of Mahamahopadhyaya and Vyakhyana Chakravarti. He lived during the reigns of Rachakonda king Singabhupala and Vijayanagara king Deva Raya I. Based on the evidence from the inscriptions, it is estimated that he lived between 1350-1450 CE.

Mallinātha Sūri
Born1346 CE
Kolcharam, Medak District Telangana, India
Died1440 CE
OccupationPoet, Critic, Commentator
GenreReligion, Literature, Philosophy
SubjectSanskrit, Natyas

Early lifeEdit

Mallinātha's surname was Kolachala, Kolachela, Kolichala or Kolichelama.[1] The village Kolichelama (currently known as Kolchāram) is near Medak, a village and mandal in the Medak District of Telangana. When Kākatīya rule ended, the scholars of Kolachelama family migrated to Rāchakonḍa, the capital of Singabhūpāla. From the colophons of Sanjīvani, it is known that Singabhūpāla honoured Mallinātha with the title of Mahāmahopādhyāya, and Mallinātha's son with the title of Mahopādhyāya.


Mallinātha is well known as a commentator who has written glosses on Classical epics of Sanskrit, besides his commentaries on Śāstric works. His Sanjivani commentary on Meghasandesa is the most popular one.[2] He is also known as a poet, the fact which is rather unknown, though the names of his creative compositions are known to the scholars of Sanskrit literature.


The following is the list of his commentaries on Classical Epics of Sanskrit-

  1. Saṃjīvanī - Commentary on Kālidāsa's Raghuvaṃśa, Kumārasambhava and Meghadūta
  2. Ghaṇṭāpatha - Commentary on Bhāravi's Kirātārjunīya
  3. Sarvāṅkaṣa - Commentary on Māgha's Śiśupālavadha
  4. Jivātu - Commentary on Śrīharṣa's Naiṣadhīyacarita
  5. Sarvapathīnā - Commentary on Bhaṭṭikāvya

The following is the list of his commentaries on Śāstric works-

  1. Tarala - commentary on Vidyādhara's Ekāvalī - alaṃkāra śāstra
  2. Niṣkaṇṭakā - commentary on Varadarāja's Tārkikarakṣā ṭīkā

Creative worksEdit

  1. Raghuvīracaritā
  2. Vaiśyavamśa Sudhākara
  3. Udāra Kāvya

Interestingly, in Marathi Language, there is a word 'Mallinathi', which means 'a comment or criticism' done by somebody. For example, Mr. Jadhav doing "Mallinathi" on statement issued by Mr. Pawar said that, Mr. Pawar is misguiding the people.


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