Malaguti is an Italian bicycle, scooter and motorcycle company based in San Lazzaro di Savena, founded by Antonino Malaguti in 1930. Producing bicycles until 1958, they then entered the motorcycle market. Noted for their use of small engines in their bikes. In October 2011, Malaguti laid off its remaining employees in Bologna, Italy as the company eventually folded. In 2018 the company was purchased by the Austrian firm KSR Group GmbH.

Malaguti, SpA
TypeFamily owned corporation
IndustryMotorcycle manufacturer
FounderAntonio Malaguti
Key people
Antonio Malaguti II (CEO)
Productsmotorcycles, scooters
ParentKSR-Group GmbH (2018 - present)


In later years Malaguti struggled to compete with the influx of low-price mopeds and motorcycles from China and other parts of Asia. The company also received financial help from the government, which ended in the same month that the company folded. As early as 2009-2010 temporary staff were being dismissed. Production at the factory stopped in April 2011, with the doors officially closing 31 October 2011, 170 workers lost their jobs and received a severance pay of €30 000 each. 17 employees were kept on to meet contractual obligations regarding spare parts and to dismantle the production line, after this they were moved to a smaller venue to continue these obligations. The company closed with a capital of €40 000 000. The large sign on the Malaguti factory was removed on 19 December 2011.[1][2] In 2018 the company was purchased by Austrian group 'KSR Group GmbH' with the first range of motorcycles released February 2019.[3]

List of ModelsEdit

Phantom F12
  • Cavalcone Radiale Cross CR5T[4]
  • Cavalcone Cross 50
  • F15 Firefox — 50 cc sport scooter with digital dash, liquid-cooled engine and twin disk brakes. Unlike the European version, for the US only limited number of units were imported and they featured limited numbers, certificates, and gold plated numbers in the Ben Bostrom US edition. Both the 50 and 150cc version have 13 inch wheels
  • F10 Jet Line — Fitted with a Minarelli Italian motor. Features include an under-the-seat storage box, optional rear rack, body extension passenger foot-rests, center stand, electric start, and automatic transmission.
  • F12 Phantom — includes Paioli shocks, Grimeca brakes, alloy wheels, Pirelli/Maxxis Tires. One of Malaguti's most iconic scooters. Two families of models were available. The original one, produced from the 90s onwards, featured a 50 cc two-stroke engine and was later joined for a brief period by a 100 cc two-stroke engine version on the same frame (some models were air-cooled, some liquid-cooled). The second family was the Phantom Max (produced in the 2000s), which had almost identical exterior aesthetics, but was actually a redesign featuring a bigger frame (and overall size), and bigger four-stroke, 4 valve 1 cylinder liquid-cooled engines manufactured by Piaggio (125, 200 and 250 cc).
  • F18 Warrior — 150 cc engine. Featuring a design in part reminiscent of the previous F15 Firefox with a similar size, it entered the market before the F-12 Phantom Max.
  • The Madison was only purchased for limited release in US and was never sold for general distribution. It was however distributed regularly in other countries (including Malaguti's home country, Italy).
  • Fifty
  • Fifty Black Special[4]
  • Hombre HO4[4]
  • Haccapi
  • Olympique TR[4]
  • Ronco
  • Saigon 50cc (1966 - 1968)

Post KSR GroupEdit

  • Dune 125
  • RST 125
  • Madison 300
  • Monte Pro 125
  • XSM 125
  • XTM 125


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