Maksud Alikhanov

Maksud Alikhanov-Avarsky (Russian language: Максуд Алиханов-Аварский) (in some documents his name is spelled as Alexander Mikhailovich) (1846-1907) - Russian Lieutenant-General (April 22, 1907), Merv District Head and Tiflis Governor.[1] The elder brother of Kaitmaz Alikhanov.

Maksud Alikhanov-Avarsky
Born(1846-11-23)23 November 1846
Khunzakh, Dagestan, Russian Empire
Died3 July 1907(1907-07-03) (aged 60)
Alexandropol, Russian Empire
Allegiance Russian Empire
Service/branchImperial Russian Army


Born on November 23, 1846 in the village of Khunzakh in Dagestan, in the family of an Avar officer. As a child, he was held hostage by Shamil, after the ransom was determined in the 2nd Tiflis noble school. He reportedly carried the name Ali Khan Avarski.[2]

His governance in the Caucasus was controversial and characterized as repressive.[2][3]

He was subjected to an assassination attempt in 1906.[3]

He was assassinated in 1907. The New York Times reports the date of the assassination as July 16.[3]


Selected works of Alikhanov-AvarskyEdit

  • Mervsky oasis and roads leading to it. St Petersburg, 1883
  • Visiting the Shah. Essays on Persia. Tiflis, 1898
  • Hike in Khiva (Caucasian troops). Steppe and oasis. St Petersburg, 1899
  • Tarihi Derbend-Nama. Tiflis, 1898.
  • Author of numerous illustrations, articles and reports in periodicals.


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