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Makhmur (Kurdish: مەخموور Mexmûr‎, Arabic: مخمور‎) is a town in Iraq. It is part of Makhmur District in Erbil Governorate in Northern Iraq. The district is a disputed territory, in between the Erbil and Ninawa Governorates. Makhmur is mainly populated by Arabs and Kurds and was captured by Iraqi army from Peshmerga in October 2017. During the 2014 ISIL crisis, the town was taken over by ISIL militants before being regained again by combined Kurdish forces.[1] A volunteer civilian militia to defend the town in the future was started in response.[2]


Makhmur is located in Iraqi Kurdistan
location of Makhmur
Makhmur is located in Iraq
Makhmur (Iraq)
Coordinates: 35°46′32″N 43°34′46″E / 35.77556°N 43.57944°E / 35.77556; 43.57944Coordinates: 35°46′32″N 43°34′46″E / 35.77556°N 43.57944°E / 35.77556; 43.57944
Country Iraq
GovernorateErbil Governorate
254 m (833 ft)
 • Total23 828

During the ongoing 2017 Iraqi–Kurdish conflict, clashes have been reported on the outskirts of the town between Peshmerga forces, and the Iraqi army supported by Popular Mobilization Forces (also known as Hashd al-Shaabi) until it was fully recaptured by the Iraqi Government.[3]

In the Makhmur District is also located the Makhmur Refugee Camp. About 12,000 Kurdish refugees, who fled the civil war between Kurds and the Turkish state in the 1990s, live in the Refugee Camp.[4]


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