Major-general (Sri Lanka)

Major General (abbreviated as Maj Gen) is a senior rank in the Sri Lanka Army, and was created as a direct equivalent of the British military rank of major general. It is the second-highest active rank of the Sri Lanka Army while the Lieutenant General is the highest (the lieutenant general is the professional head of the army), and is considered to be equivalent to a two-star rank. A major general commands a division or the equivalent or performs staff duties in army headquarters.

Major General
Sri Lanka-army-OF-7.svg
Country Sri Lanka
Service branch Sri Lanka Army
AbbreviationMaj Gen
RankTwo Star
NATO rank codeOF- 7
Next higher rankLieutenant General
Next lower rankBrigadier
Equivalent ranks Sri Lanka Navy - Rear admiral
 Sri Lanka Air Force - Air vice-marshal

The Director of the National Cadet Corps holds the rank of major general. From 1958 to 1974, the Commander of the Army held the rank of Major General.

Major general is a higher rank than brigadier, but lower than lieutenant general.[a] The rank has a NATO rank code of OF-7, equivalent to a rear-admiral in the Sri Lanka Navy or an air vice-marshal in the Sri Lanka Air Force or the air forces of many Commonwealth countries.


The first Ceylonese officer to be promoted to the rank was Anton Muttukumaru, who was the first Ceylonese Commander of the Army. The rank of major general is considered a general officer and includes all entitlements associated with it. These include an Aide-de-camp, use of two star designation. Most appointments of the rank of major general comes with a commandant's quarters or residence. An officer serving as a major general would be retired after three years in the substantive rank, which is the maximum permissible service in the rank, due to lack of vacancies or not been selected for further career progression.[1]


The rank insignia is a pip over a crossed sword and baton. The gorget patchs of the Major General Officer pattern, two gold/silver stars on scarlet background with a gold/silver button; worn on Dress No 2A, 4, 5, 5A, 6, 6A, 6B, 7 and 8. The General Officers Large/Medium patterns, of gold colour braided (bullion wire) three oak leaves on scarlet background with a gold button, worn by the officers in the rank of major general and above for Dress No1, No 3 and 3A. For the officers of the Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps the background will be in maroon. General officers of the rank of major-general and above carry the Kastane sword.[2]

The ceremonial uniform of the Serjeant-at-arms of the Sri Lankan Parliament would be similar to a No. 1 Dress uniform of a major general with varied gorget patchs and epaulette similar to a flag officer of the Sri Lanka Navy.

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  1. ^ Many people are confused that "major general" is a lower rank than "lieutenant general", because they expect it to reflect that "major" is higher rank than "lieutenant". The reason is that the title "major general" is derived from "sergeant major general" while "lieutenant" means deputy.


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