Madurai Ponnu Chennai Paiyan

Madurai Ponnu Chennai Paiyan (transl. Madurai girl, Chennai boy) is a 2008 Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed by A. C. Rajasekaran. The film features S. S. R. Pankaj Kumar and Thejamai in lead roles, with R. Sundarrajan, Manobala, Santhana Bharathi, Arun Pandian, Nizhalgal Ravi, Karate Raja, Pandu and S. B. Muthubharathi playing supporting roles. The film, produced S. B. Muthubharathi and P. Tamil Selvi, had musical score by Kanmani Raja and was released in 2008.[1][2][3]

Madurai Ponnu Chennai Paiyan
Directed byA. C. Rajasekaran
Produced byS. B. Muthubharathi
P. Tamil Selvi
Written byA. C. Rajasekaran
StarringS. S. R. Pankaj Kumar
Music byKanmani Raja
Edited byV. M. Udhayashankar
Velu Thevar Films
Release date
18 April 2008
Running time
145 minutes


Visa (Thejamai) who is from Madurai joins a secondary school as a plus-two student in Chennai. Her father has just died a few days ago when they moved to Chennai and Visa lives with her mother Meenakshi (Sabitha Anand) and her little brother. Visa and her family have the strong support of her two uncles (S. B. Muthubharathi and Arun Pandian) who are bigwigs in Madurai. Her classmate Surya (S. S. R. Pankaj Kumar), the son of the famous film editor Balan (Nizhalgal Ravi), helps her in studies. Surya and Visa eventually fall in love with each other. In the meantime, her uncles want Visa to marry their relative Maruthupandi (Karate Raja), a hot-blooded village brute, after she finished her studies.

When Meenakshi comes to know about their love affair, Meenakshi doesn't allow her daughter Visa to go to school. Surya is worried about Visa and he meets her in her house. Meenakshi then threatens to commit suicide if she cannot keep the promise she made to her uncles and Visa finally accepts to forget him. The next day, she insults Surya and begs him to forget her. A distraught Surya attempts to commit suicide but he is saved by his friends. Balan decides to talk to her family in Madurai for his son's marriage but they refuse and are hell-bent on saving their family's prestige.

Thereafter, the two families have a verbal fight in Chennai, the two lovers begin vomiting blood and faint on the spot. They are rushed to the hospital and the two families accept to arrange their marriage if they survived. Surya and Visa were, in fact, faking their suicide. The film ends Surya and Visa returning to school and eagerly waiting for their marriage.



A. C. Rajasekaran made his directorial debut with Madurai Ponnu Chennai Paiyan under the banner of Velu Thevar Films. S. S. R. Pankaj Kumar, the grandson of S. S. Rajendran, signed to play the lead role while Thejamai, the granddaughter of yesteryear comedy actress Bindu Ghosh, was cast to play the heroine.[4][5][6]


Madurai Ponnu Chennai Paiyan
Soundtrack album by
Kanmani Raja
GenreFeature film soundtrack
ProducerKanmani Raja

The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Kanmani Raja. The soundtrack features 8 tracks.[7]

All lyrics are written by A. C. Rajasekaran.

2."Kalaikalama"Mukesh, Sri Vardhini4:29
3."Kathal Kathal"Prasanna Rao6:22
4."Punnagai"Harish Raghavendra4:28
5."Single Tea"Elumbur Antony5:31
6."Thiruppachi"Manikka Vinayagam, Usha Raj5:05
7."Thiruthirunru"Pushpavanam Kuppusamy, Sri Vardhini4:47
8."Vachukka Vachukka"Kanmani Raja, Deepika5:01
Total length:41:13


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